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Adrian Wilson vs Vernon Davis; ROTB Announcement

I recently glanced over at Mike Sando's blog to notice a piece featuring a match up between the Cardinals' Adrian Wilson and 49ers' tight end Vernon Davis. Darnell Dockett has been lobbying for this match up via twitter. From Sando:

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In the red corner, hailing from Washington, D.C., wearing red-and-gold trunks, weighing 253 pounds with insanely low body fat, the starting Pro Bowl tight end from the NFC last season, Verrrrrrnon Davis!

And in the white corner, from High Point, N.C., wearing white trunks with cardinal red trim, weighing 226 pounds, the biggest hitting safety in the NFL and a three-time Pro Bowler, Adriannnnnnnnnn Wilson!

The promotion hasn't become quite that refined, but we're heading in the right direction. And I'll have to take some of the credit for contributing to an ongoing Twitter discussion between Dockett and Davis. Wilson doesn't tweet, but he did take a jab at Davis early last season when a reporter asked about defending the tight end.

"Who?" Wilson said at the time.

"Vernon Davis," the reporter answered.

"Who?" Wilson repeated?

A few days later, Wilson blasted Davis with one of the most ferocious hits of the 2009 season, drawing a penalty, but no suspension. Perhaps that was payback for the leaping touchdown grap Davis made over Wilson during a 2008 Monday night game at University of Phoenix Stadium. The best part about this rivalry is that Davis has joined Wilson on a Pro Bowl level. These are elite athletes, not wannabes. Their play speaks loudly on its own. The extra stuff adds entertainment value.

Dockett and Davis' twitter battle and an announcement for ROTB are after the jump...

I slept the whole way it's so beautiful this morning - Vernon Davis

RT @VernonDavis85: I slept the whole way it's so beautiful this morning<- did u think about #24 and u know what #24 I'm talking about!!! - Darnell Dockett

@ddockett last time I checked I was standing over top of #24 with a football stuck to my glove and believe we were in the endzone - Vernon Davis

@VernonDavis85 u better pack a big ass lunch! U think adubb almost killed u last year, u aint seen shhh! U just wait ohhh u just wait buddy! - Darnell Dockett

The announcement comes at a perfect time. Revenge of the Birds and Niners Nation will team up for a combined two blog discussion next Monday. The discussion will widely be about the rivalry between the two teams, but can be about the NFC West as a whole. It should be a great discussion between the two sides. Look out for the updates later in the week.