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Arizona Cardinals Tweeting On Twitter

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A collection of Arizona Cardinals tweets from the past week.

Darnell Dockett vs Vernon Davis

"@espn_nfcwest so what u trying to say cause last time I checked @VernonDavis85 was getting head knocked off by adrian wilson RESPECT THAT! - Darnell Dockett - What started it all.

"I will never let no one say anything bout my teammates I'm just that loyal ill speak up on whomever wear that Cardinal jersey till I'm gone!" - Darnell Dockett

"I'm 1 dude ud def take to a dog fight for 4qtrs cause I could give a damn bout the opposing team I only know one way to play! I'm in it2 WIN" - Darnell Dockett

RT @VernonDavis85: I slept the whole way it's so beautiful this morning<- did u think about #24 and u know what #24 I'm talking bout!!! - Darnell Dockett

"@ddockett last time I checked I was standing over top of #24 with a football stuck to my glove TD!" - Vernon Davis  

"@VernonDavis85 u better pack a big ass lunch! U think adubb almost killed u last year, u aint seen shhh! U just wait ohhh u just wait buddy!" - Darnell Dockett

"Its on I can't WAIT" - Darnell Dockett

The rest of this conversation and more tweets are after the jump...

"@Ando83: @ddockett Hey Dockett how many Lombardi trophies you got? <-- just as many as Vernon Davis got!!" - Darnell Dockett

"49er fans keep talking bout the old championships they have lol I wasn't even in the NFL then. How pitaful stop talking bout the old baby!" - Darnell Dockett - He's got a point there. I'm sick of that argument too. Stop living in the past.

"@FrickzPicz: @ddockett Hows it gonna feel when u talkin all this mess, and AZ treats u like boldin and dont pay u. <-Stll play my ass off" - Darnell Dockett - Well that's good to hear.

"I love the 49er fans they so disrespectful .. I love it I love it. Yall keep that disrespect up and ill let yall get a birdgang tattoo deal?" - Darnell Dockett

"@Bobby_Mart24: @ddockett What if the #49ers offer you big $ when you become a FA?<- ill take less and go play with Pete carrol seattle!" - Darnell Dockett - Ouch. I wouldn't want to see that. Let's keep him in red.

"@ddockett you see the grade sheet yet?" - Vernon Davis

"@VernonDavis85: naw tell me about it! Then I'm gonna tell u about our grade sheet!" - Darnell Dockett

"@ddockett 49ers: offensive line= A+ Cardinals defensive line D+ 49ers: playmakers= A+ Cardinals: secondary= D-" - Vernon Davis - That grade sheet sucks. I don't care who made it.

"@VernonDavis85 them same people that give out them grades don't know Shit We will see though! U better not right a check ur ass can't cash!" - Darnell Dockett

"@ddockett oh if didn't know, playmakers are the tight ends, wide outs, running backs and our QB. Your welcome have a good day!" - Vernon Davis

"@bcoester: @ddockett @VernonDavis85 you guys need to stop being babies and fight in the UFC, Vernon I'll train you<--IM DOWN! Let's GO" - Darnell Dockett - I'd pay to see this.

"@VernonDavis85 remember when ur coach sent u in the locker room, said "can't coach em, he selffish, and can't play with him"lol u soft dude!" - Darnell Dockett

"@ddockett ohhhh I'm scared!! That wa ten years ago. I bet y'all front 7 don't think I'm soft." - Vernon Davis - Actually it was two Vernon.

@ddockett let the games begin!!" - Vernon Davis

"Oh its on I promise on everything I love I'm gonna try and KILL YOU! #PROMISE #MNF" - Darnell Dockett - Okay, okay. Let's not get out of hand here.

"@VernonDavis85 ok its cool, I hear ya talking- I hear ya talking! Monday Night Football will be the day! Ill make sure u feel PAIN!! " - Darnell Dockett - I really can't wait for this game now.


Gas, Anyone?

"Please baby jesus let me get to my workouts cause I'm riding on E the whole way, I can't stop for gas cause I'm ready. To workout NOWWW!" - Darnell Dockett - Not a good move.

"Uhhhhhh ohhhhhhh I think I just ran out of gas but damn why my song just come on the radio "Cameo -CANDY".. Its like cannnndyyy FML.." - Darnell Dockett - And there it goes.

"Some bobody give me a ride, I'm on the i10 and chandler in a RED masserati with 22's and I'm stuck so come help thanx!!" - Darnell Dockett - Did anyone actually give Nine O a ride?

Kurt Warner Staying Busy In Retirement

"Long morning meeting on future... ready for new challenges, but sure seems like a job, not retirement! Oh well, here to change world, right?" - Kurt Warner

"Good to b home... todays meet was with my marketing firm to discuss all poss: networks, movies, books, found, speaking, etc... lots to do!" - Kurt Warner

"Got call from son's teacher saying he is asking other boys to pay him $40 to b on his soccer team... where do they come up with this stuff!" - Kurt Warner

"He must think that we need the $$$ since dad retired and has no job...!" - Kurt Warner - Well that's settled, looks like Kurt Warner will need to come back.

"Warner fam fun - just TP'ed daughters friend for 19th Bday... check out this masked, motley bunch!" - Kurt Warner - Warner the power ranger. Go go power rangers!!!

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"Man, lots of comments on bears hoodie... it was a trade from one of the bears players at the Pro-Bowl and it's cool.. can I get a pass!" - Kurt Warner

"No respect... my son wearing only cards jersey that matters, his fav player... #13 sits in bottom of drawer! OUCH!" - Kurt Warner - That one hits deep.

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"On a health food kick, bittersweet for wife... food I cook is bad, but saves her from cooking... pick ur poison!!" - Kurt Warner

"Thanks a lot y'all, u asking me to tweet a lot is getting me in trouble at home... jk... think she still loves me!" - Kurt Warner

"Do have any other future NFLers in fam? Don't know but signing them up for PopWarner, so we'll see! Either way, can't wait to watch!" - Kurt Warner

"How does one man answer tweets from 11K+ people? Enjoying hearing from all of you and doing my best to reach out... talk more tom!" - Kurt Warner

"asupermana    @kurt13warner What was going through your mind when it was the season opener against the Giants and you fumbled six times?" - Kurt Warner

"@asupermana What was going through my mind was... I SUCK! One of those games where you can't wait until it's over and you can regroup!" - Kurt Warner

"Talking with my son about the SUNS... speaking of that anybody got tix for LA/PHX series in PHX that I could buy? Just asking!" - Kurt Warner

"@Lfitzgerald11 Fitz, think you ought to send me some of your followers, because you won't have time to tweet this fall... BUT I WILL!" - Kurt Warner

Mothers Day

"Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there. Much love to all of you." - Larry Fitzgerald

"Want to give a special shout to all my followers who are Mother's out there. Much respect to you all and have a wonderful day." - Beanie Wells 

"Wishin all the mom's out there a happy mother's day. hope you all enjoyed your day!" - Dan Williams

"To my wife Rebecca: you're such a selfless mother who's given up so many of her individual dreams for the sake of her family. We thank you!!" - Jay Feely

"Mom, you raised 4 boys by yourself (one who was physically and mentally disabled). Well done!! We are all incredibly grateful for your love!" - Jay Feely

"Happy mothers day to my momma, and aunties. They are wonderful women." - Ali Highsmith

"Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers..and esp mine Lisa Lisa" - Cody Brown

"Happy mothers day to all the real moms who looked there kids in eye and told them I believe in you... Love u mommy" - Will Davis

"Hey y'all... Happy Mother's Day to all those great moms... can't talk now, trying to get 7 little ones ready for church... til later!" - Kurt Warner

"We go around the table and each share the Best thing about mom... try it... my mom: taught me sacrifiice, Brenda: the way she makes me laugh!" - Kurt Warner

"My mom past when I was 13 and every mothers day I wish like hell she was here so I could show her what mothers day suppose to be like!!" - Darnell Dockett

"Happy mothers day to all the moms out there and the ones that passed away and also the dads that got to be dad and mom! We only get one MOM!" - Darnell Dockett

Dockett To KC?

I just had a dream I got traded to KC chiefs for a 1st rd draft pick, and intstanly woke up MAD AS HELL! Some one please tell me its not TRU" - Darnell Dockett

"Earlier when I said I had a dream I got traded to KC. I have nothing against the team but living there will be a nightmare to country 4 me!" - Darnell Dockett

"And Todd hailey and I are very cool. So no disrespect to the chiefs but I don't do country towns and dirt roads #Imjustsaying" - Darnell Dockett

Random Tweets

@MarthaStewart hey my sweetheart how have u been?" - Kerry Rhodes

"ohhh boyyy they have a show called basketball wives another show aimed at bashing male athletes...Whats the world coming 2 smh" - Will Davis

"'Excuses are like buttholes...everbodies got em' J Lott" - Cody Brown  - Best. Quote. Ever.

"How do I use the new maps on COD?"

"I'm in Prescott, AZ doing this Cardinals caravan for Safeways food drive "stamp out hunger" it's nice here too we have 2more stores 2visit" - Stevie Baggs

"Cody and I in the phantom" - Will Davis

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"Vaca pics" - Kerry Rhodes

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"Ok since I have no followers I can say my confession. I confess that I'm a stripper 4 pretty women call me if u need me 1800 Man-DINGO ext90" - Darnell Dockett

"5things people wouldn't know>I read books daily, I pray often, I love kids, I have a passion about helping the homeless, and I love to kiss!" - Darnell Dockett

"I think they think I'm a immigrant, cause I do look dominican after 4pm its a speacial gene I got. I can't help that officer please lemego" - Darnell Dockett

"LETS GET IT, no time feeling sorry & tired its time 2 make progress 2day 2 words "GET BETTER"!!! John Lott + birdgang = 3x nfc west champs!!" - Darnell Dockett

"In the gym getting it IN, I train like I play everything full tilt. I'm the new machine D90X!!" - Darnell Dockett

"I just saw a BIG GIRL in the car next to me Eating a FOOTlong sub with Wakka flakka blasting "OH LEAH DOO IT" damn I feel sorry 4 that sub!" - Darnell Dockett

"OMG I getting my hair washed!!! Have anybody ever got there hair washed and it feels like u having "ok nothermind" maybe its just me! :-/" - Darnell Dockett

"Ok so I just got a $1k = A stack BET that I wouldn't take a shower on ustream lol ok soo as soon as I see the money its On " NO MEN ALLOWED"" - Darnell Dockett

"UH OHHH MONEY IS IN HAND! LET ME SE UP USTREAM NOW! LOL I'm gonna play Cameo "candy" in the back ground whil n the shower! O_O" -  Darnell Dockett

"In the gym getting it IN, I train like I play everything full tilt. I'm the new machine D90X!!" - Darnell Dockett

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"This is my serious face----> can't u tell? Lol mann I'm playing I don't know how to be serious what yall think?" - Darnell Dockett

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 "PO PO always Messing with me Damn! I'm trying to get home and watch boston!" - Darnell Dockett

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@antoniosmith94 I have to admit u have the biggest Nose in the NFL... U need a beach towel to blow ur nose! - Darnell Dockett

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