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Casting For The Cardinals: Ken Whisenhunt

Who will play head coach Ken Whisenhunt in a feature film about the Arizona Cardinals?
Who will play head coach Ken Whisenhunt in a feature film about the Arizona Cardinals?

As you already know, the NFL offseason is never easy to deal with if you're a hardcore fan. You experience with-drawls, sleeplessness, and the occasional hot flash. Oh wait, that's just me? Okay never mind. My point is, life can be hard when you aren't able to watch your favorite team compete on Sundays. I'm always trying to fill Revenge of the Birds with new content and this is the best time to do so. Beginning this week, I'll be putting together an Arizona Cardinals/Celebrity look-a-like segment called, Casting for the Cardinals. If a studio were to create a movie about the Arizona Cardinals, who would play each coach and player? That's what I will attempt to figure out this offseason.

The first person up for consideration is head coach Ken Whisenhunt. I've often thought of a certain celebrity that would fit perfectly for the "Whiz", so using him in our first segment was the easiest choice for me. Without further wait, the celebrity that will play Ken Whisenhunt is after the jump...

Ed Harris

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Harris was an easy pick for obvious reasons. The hair, the way they carry themselves, the eyes, and the overall look that they give off. I can completely see Harris playing coach Whisenhunt in a feature film and if it ever happened, he'd be the guy. Am I the only one who thinks they were separated at birth?

Alternate candidate: Woody Harrelson

Every Sunday I'll list another player/celebrity, but I'd like to get your feedback too. If you have any suggestions, send them to Or If you don't agree with my picks, who do you think would be the better option?