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Arizona Cardinals Mini Camp Update: Fan Fest Edition

The Arizona Cardinals held their second day of mini camp practice this Saturday, which was also the annual Fan Fest event for the public. I attended the event and the turnout was great. There was somewhere along the lines of 4,000 - 5,000 people in attendance. Some notes from me on the second mini camp...

  • I've attended Fan Fests in the past and this year was packed. I remember in 2004, the first year I attended, and seeing a very small crowd. During the autograph session you could walk up to just about anyone and not have to wait long to get something signed. This year, you had to get a wrist band and wait in an incredibly long twisting line. Just about the only benefit to the Cardinals lowly years was the quick lines. I'll take winning over that any day though.
  •  The offensive line formation was the same as Friday's. From left to right - Levi Brown, Alan Faneca, Lyle Sendlein, Reggie Wells, Brandon Keith.
  • Matt Leinart was the primary starter but DerekAnderson threw some balls with the starters. As far as Leinart's accuracy, I didn't notice anything off. It seemed a lot of fans in the crowd wanted him to fail. The guy behind me wouldn't shut up and was setting Matt up for failure on just about every throw. He missed on some of the throwing drills but when they ran through the plays against the defense, Matt looked good. He threw a beauty down the sideline to Fitzgerald at one point.

More notes and some pictures from my camera are after the jump...

  • As for the back ups, DerekAnderson's accuracy didn't seem great, but he threw with more zip on the ball. John Skelton - who's wearing #19 - was good during passing drills, but threw a lot of passes low to his receivers. Max Hall actually looked the best to me. He was hitting the receivers in stride and appears to have a fighting chance to make the team in my opinion.
  • Andre Roberts is fast and I think he has a lock on returning punts in 2010. He caught all of his punt returns and the other guys competing with him didn't look good. Marshay Green dropped at least two punts on my count.
  • Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie played well. He looks like he's gained a lot of muscle. He and Fitz battled for a few passes. Fitz caught one over DRC but DRC batted away another pass.
  • Gerald Hayes didn't practice again. Still a concern.
  • I didn't get to see a lot of Dan Williams but when I did he looked good. Let me tell you, this boy is big. The first play he clogged up the middle lanes and Tim Hightower had to bounce a run to the outside. The next play though, Sendlein got the best of Williams and blocked him out of the way to open a lane. The good news, is Darnell Dockett was coaching Williams afterwards.
  • Beanie looked fast but worked with the second team offense again. He also fumbled once, but luckily the ball bounced back in his hands. The crowd gave him crap.
  • I tried to keep a close eye on Greg Toler. He looked fast in his break and seemed to read the plays well, although he was beat by Breaston and Early Doucet a couple times. He looks like he'll take control of the starting spot aside DRC. Matt Ware looks like he packed on some muscle. He looked good in coverage today. It appears he's learning a lot from Wilson. Wilrey Fontenot was the 4th string corner. Not sure what to think about that.
  • Adrian Wilson and Kerry Rhodes look like they've played together before. Cody Brown looked good, although he's still wearing a protective sleeve over his wrist.



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