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Bulger Reportedly Draws Interest From Cardinals; Leinart Remains Starter

As Vasilii pointed out in a fanshot earlier today, Yahoo Sports' Jason Cole reported that the Cardinals were interested in free agent quarterback Marc Bulger and could sign him come July. Cole had the following to say:

If the situation doesn't improve, expect coach Ken Whisenhunt to make a play for Bulger. The thinking is that the Cardinals may be able to revive Bulger's career in much the same way they revived Warner's career the past three years.

I'm sure that could be likley - with another team. Cole also reported that the coaching staff "hasn't been terribly impressed" with Matt Leinart or Derek Anderson so far this offseason. Those reports are contrary to anything we've heard so far from Ken Whisenhunt, which makes me believe this report is nothing more then an attempt to stir up controversy in Cardinals camp. Obviously until Matt Leinart proves anything, the critics and "experts" will continue to dwell on the situation in hopes that a change is made at quarterback.

For now, Leinart remains the starter for the Cardinals and will likely keep the starting gig until training camp. When that time comes, Derek Anderson will get a better chance to challenge for the starting job. In the meantime, these so-called experts will rip into Leinart and speculate the Cardinals next offseason move.

For the record, the Cardinals three quarterbacks in 2010 will be Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson, and John Skelton...there, I said it