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New York Wins Bid, Will Host Super Bowl 48

The NFL owners voted to decide the home of Super Bowl 48, which will now take place on a cold winter night at New Meadowlands Stadium. The meeting took place through most of Tuesday afternoon, and after four votes, New York won the bid. For the first time in NFL history, the NFL's glorified game will take place in a cold-weather city excluding dome teams.

New York's slogan before the voting took place was, "Make Some History" - a slogan that fits considering the coldest Super Bowl to date took place in New Orleans in 1972 at Tulane Stadium with a 39-degree night. The average temperature in New Jersey during February ranges from 24 to 40 degrees - not to mention the several inches of rain that should take place.

Most critics argued that if a cold-weather team were to make it to the Super Bowl, the advantage would surely be in their hands. The Cardinals will never be confused with a cold-weather team, having practiced in one of the hottest cities year round and playing in an enclosed stadium. Would there be an advantage? Sure - but as New York stated, it's time to make some history.