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Cardinals Quote Of The Day: Kerry Rhodes - "If I am making 100 tackles this year, we're not a good defense..."

Arizona Cardinals free safety Kerry Rhodes participated in an online chat with Darren Urban at on Wednesday. Here is just some of what he had to say: 

The new teammates have been great. They've done a great job helping me fit in. As far as learning the defense, having DB coach Donnie Henderson -- who I have played for before -- teach me some of the new wrinkles, has been instrumental in helping me learn. Arizona has been great. Fans have already shown me love when they see me out. I was staying with Larry Fitzgerald when I first got here so he showed me the ins and outs of the area. Here, I think the coaches know what they want me to be. They want Adrian and I to be versatile and if both of us can do that, it will help both of our games out. I think that's the plan. Adrian and I are the top two safeties in the league since I came into the NFL in 2005 for sacks at the position. So us playing together will be crazy for offenses to identify who is coming.

My greatest strength is my range and football smarts. I am going to be a playmaking to start. But I also think I will bring some leadership and an aura of confidence back there. 

I wasn't pursing a modeling career. I did endorse a couple of brands.

Whenever you feel you are challenged, you want to step up. I think that is how you define a person. Even at the end of last year when I went through what I went through, down the stretch I played some of my best ball of the year. I think that shows how ready I am to get back at it.

DRC has really impressed me. I didn't really know how good he was but when I saw him in person, he really impressed me. I also think Matt Leinart has impressed me with his arm strength. I didn't think he'd get some balls out there like he has. We are very high on Greg Toler and we are banking on him being a player for us this year.

I don't compare. But Coach Whiz has been great. I can see why players like him. He gives you the freedom to do what you need to do and that's been great. Of course I think we have improved. We have added experience and playmaking. I think as a unit we will be stronger if we all buy in. If I am making 100 tackles this year, we're not a good defense with all the talent we have.