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Arizona Cardinals Tweeting On Twitter

Arizona Cardinals tweets found on Twitter from the last week, May 21st - May 28th.


The Arizona Cardinals Suns Fans

"I am happy to share 13 with Nash! He represents well, even if he did steal it from me, not mad at him!" - Kurt Warner - Two of the greatest athletes to wear the number 13.

"Just purchased a little Nash and Stoudamire jersey for boys... Warner fam WILL represent!" - Kurt Warner

"Its so funny how amped u get when watching a game in person as a fan!! Suns on a mission!" - Kerry Rhodes

"going to the suns game 2nite maybe ill bring them good luck!!! we will see!!" - Kerry Rhodes

"Man wish I was going...I'm in LA for an event" - Calais Campbell 

"If the Suns have any chance we need a big win your home games then you just need one on the can happen" - Darnell Dockett

"Dear baby jesus: Please let the suns win this series so my celtics can come to az for the championship. I'm begging u!! Thanks" - Darnell Dockett - Ah, the power of prayer.

"Please let the lakers take a LOST today!! I'm so not a laker fan!! Let's go SUUUUUUUUUNS!!" - Darnell Dockett

"suns got the job done last night! amare beasted and kobe looks to be back healthy. u cant knock how good he is!" - Kerry Rhodes  

"Omg let's goooo!!!!! That's what I'm talking bout baby!!!!! I'm so hype right now for these dudes!!!!" - Larry Fitzgerald - And then...

"Are u kidding me?!?! Air has been let out of my balloon after that one. Good game by the suns tonight though" - Larry Fitzgerald - That's exactly how I felt.

"Noooooooo! Funny how fast u can go from the GOAT to the HERO! Good redemption artest. I kno u Laker fans thought I was right lol!" - Kerry Rhodes

"Lame ending to a good game" - Trumaine McBride

"You're kidding right? Someone tell me that what I saw was just for ratings and the game didn't really finish that way! Man, had'em on ropes" - Kurt Warner

Dockett's Big Day 

"My B-day is this thurs May 27th at 12am..All gifts, to be sent to 8701 S.hardy Drive Tempe Az 85284 Thanks Darnell Dockett" - Darnell Dockett - There you go folks. Send Dockett is BDay present.

"Mann wtf I just got pulled over by a lady cop, I thought it was a B-day joke where she take me back to the station and give me a lap dance!" - Darnell Dockett - He found my present.

"Mann she tried to give me a ticket, for tint and speeding but OH hell no I went to flirt mode "damn u a cute officer" asap = NO TICKET !!" - Darnell Dockett - Oh wait...

"Mann I can't believe I'm at work right now(on my bday) and its is not madatory to be here wtf!! damn I'm must really want to be GREAT!!" - Darnell Dockett

Kurt Warner Itching To Return?

"Should be sleeping, but mind won't shut off! Feel like the middle of the season and 50 diff plays running thru my head, wears me out!" - Kurt Warner - I knew it, he can't stop thinking about football.

"Kids out riding on Segway Fitz got me, brings back some good memories of wheeling around TCamp together. Time to create some new ones w/kids" - Kurt Warner - Now the memories are coming back. Won't be long before he puts the jersey back on.

"Platying scrabble with my son, just got him for 30 pts with 'dinosaur' - YES! Teaching fun, but also fulfills my competitive side... NICE" - Kurt Warner - And now he needs to fulfill his competitive side. Am I the only one picking up on the signals?

"Working out w/ a bunch of HS track kids gawking at me... it atleast motivates me to APPEAR as an athlete! Didn't work real well, but good work." - Kurt Warner - Didn't Brett Favre workout with High School players before he returned?

"Are we really going to have the SB in NYC? One of my fav cities in world to visit, but to play in early Feb!!! Give me a Dome anyday!" - Kurt Warner - University of Phoenix Stadium anyone? I think I'm on to something.

And Warner On the Super Bowl

"Are we really going to have the SB in NYC? One of my fav cities in world to visit, but to play in early Feb!!! Give me a Dome anyday!" - Kurt Warner

"My Take: SB should be played in the most neutral conditions possible. I don't want history being determined by conditions, if possible" - Kurt Warner

"Another thing: I didn't work my whole career to make it to the Bowl and then have a miserable week and game in FREEZING weather!" - Kurt Warner

"I am all for Home Field advantage in playoffs, something u earn all season, but no one team should have an advantage in Super Bowl!" - Kurt Warner

"Even when I worked in grocery store, 'I HATED THE FREEZER AISLE'... Somethings never change. Bagging, stocking, cart duty,... just NOT COLD!" - Kurt Warner - I think we figured all of this.

Faneca Gets Lost 

"Getting my Lost in any way I can." - Alan Faneca - Would you believe I've never watched the show? Not one episode.


"All caught up on Lost, freakin amazin, can't wait till the finale." - Alan Faneca

"Dammit, as usual Lost will have to wait a day till I can watch it." - Alan Faneca

"Never watched an episode of Lost. Not sorry it's being lost to reruns tonight. Hoping Suns win a game and make a series out of it." - Jay Feely

"@jayfeely don't hate" - Alan Faneca

"I resign from here until I see the Lost finale, good bye." - Alan Faneca

"I have now seen the Lost finale. Great end to a great show." - Alan Faneca

Random Tweets

"question of the day<<<--- who was your favorite NFL player/team growing up?----> Deion and Charles woodson" - Trumaine McBride

"gonna head over to tempe market place to grab a bite to eat and a possible movie!! (date night possibly????" - Kerry Rhodes - I don't think you have a problem with that Kerry.

"Done with game, had a lot of fun... will get better, but not bad for just jumping into the booth! Hope a few of you watched." - Kurt Warner - Kurt sounded good. Sounds like he's ready.

"Just a shout out to Paul Burmeister for carrying me in bc last night! Q, Fitz, 28, THolt, IkeB... seems as if I always need to b carried!" - Kurt Warner

"bout to do this cardinals camp...teach these kids how to be monsters" - Cody Brown

"Cody loves the kids" - Cody Brown

"Early morning heading to corona ranch to speak on the importance of being physically active" - Kerry Rhodes

"Do any of u guys watch the biggest loser? That's what I'm doing it for." - Kerry Rhodes


"If I was in the strip club I'd tip her for effort on that one leg get it baby---->" - Darnell Dockett - Excuse me while I gag on my lunch.

"Do people seriously just drink iced tea?? Tht stuff is nasty without sugar" - Trumaine McBride - I agree. Add sugar.

"If my neighbor don't close his garage I'm not speaking to him no more. His bugati, Ferrari, and Lambo is pissing every one off including me!" - Darnell Dockett - Don't we all have this problem?

"Dear Media and sports writers and @jimrome. I'm paying $40 a month to help animal cruelty just want yall to know! Let's see if u report that" - Darnell Dockett - He's doing his part, lay off the guy.

"Dear media and @jimrome and sports writers I'm doing a "FREE" football camp too For kids let's see if u report that." - Darnell Dockett - They probably won't.

"It sucks when people have their twitter accounts private and I can't see when they tweet me b/c I'm not following them.." - Trumaine McBride - I think he's giving us a hint. Don't be private!

"I can honestly tell yall I've worked harder this off season than any other year. I know some of yal don't wanna hear that but I'm so SERIOUS" - Darnell Dockett

"I've been at this 4weeks after the season ended in Jan, ill rest when I'm dead but I'm more determined to be the best DT in the NFL (NOW)!" - Darnell Dockett - This is good to hear.


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