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Casting For The Cardinals: Matt Leinart

Casting for the Cardinals is a segment where I'll attempt to put together a cast of stars to play a role of an Arizona Cardinal player or coach in a hit film or movie. This will likely never happen in real life, but it does bring enjoyment to the never-ending drought of the offseason. This is just for fun, so please don't take it so seriously.

Ken Whisenhunt - Ed Harris - 88% Approval Rating

Larry Fitzgerald - Ronaldinho - 30% Approval Rating

Last week's recap: Fitzgerald's choice of Ronaldinho probably wasn't my best move, but it is apparent that I wasn't the only one who had trouble finding a likable choice. I picked Ronaldinho because of the looks, but didn't take into account that he cannot speak English and that most of us want an actual actor to play the part. The majority of you thought Fitz should play his own part and I'll have to agree.

This week: The ever-so-popular Matt Leinart is up for casting. I've had a choice in the back of my mind since Leinart was in college, so when I saw his name next, I wasn't worried. Most of you might throw the "not-an-actor card" at me for this, but in the end, there's no denying he was the right choice to play the part. See why after the jump...

Bob Guiney

As you can see, Bob "The Bachelor" has the looks to play Matt Leinart in a hit movie. Bob appeared on the Bachelor around the same time that Leinart was playing his best at USC. I remember someone comparing the two of them at the time and this made the pick much easier. I know he doesn't have the acting part down, but he's been onscreen -- albeit in a reality show -- but could realistically make the transition to film.

If you have any suggestions for other players, please send them to