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Arizona Cardinals Tweeting On Twitter

Tweets from the Arizona Cardinals on Twitter.

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Welcome The Real Kurt Warner?

"Its Official!The man,the myth,& legend Kurt Warner has now joined twitter.Everyone RT & spread the word & make sure u follow @kurt13warner" - Larry Fitzgerald

"Hello to all and welcome to the 'real' Kurt Warner twitter account... I finally joined the rest of the world and look forward to sharing ... My busy new 'retirement' life and career moves with all of u... it's going to b fun... please share this acct with ur followers... talk ..." - Kurt Warner - Well, now it's good to have you on Twitter Kurt.

"No more fb... so I fill my competitive side by beating my 6yr old and 11yr old in 21... how pathetic!" - Kurt Warner

"It's really me. Go to and you will see my tweets!" - Kurt Warner - In response to a fans question if the account was really him.

"Haven't seen abs in 39 years... so putting P90X to the test... let u know in 90 days!" - Kurt Warner - Maybe this will get him in enough shape to come back? One can hope.

Dockett Being Dockett

"This lady in the store just told me " I taste good and she bet I have some Sweet meat" I said how would u know she said I can taste it Now!"  - Darnell Dockett - No comment.

"LawerenceTaylor has a mean rap sheet! Buying crack, false taxes, hit & run, now having sex w/ a 16yr old. Geesh he couldn't tell she was16" - Darnell Dockett - What an idol.

"I know lawerence taylor had to see them Care Bear panties and reebok classic shoes!! That was a cluse she was young right there!! Duuh!!" - Darnell Dockett

"@Oprah I'm serious about our love! I'm gonna love u till the end no one will stop us from crossing the moutian :-)" - Darnell Dockett - Ok Dockett is taking this too far.

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"RT @Oprah @ddockett I had so much fun w/ u last nite, stedman & gayle nevr had me as loose as u did. I keep droppn in low for no reason!!" - Darnell Dockett

"Me and @Oprah hanging out tonight! Yall should have seen her dancing to ludacris "how low can u go" OMG she can bust it open :-)!!!!" - Darnell Dockett

"Pro Bowl guard Jahri Evans is def in my top 5 guards! And I'm glad to see him get paid. Good to see teams taking care of there guys!" - Darnell Dockett - I wonder what he's really thinking here.

"Man what I wonderful day, I got better in that gym Today! I was moving slow till they played (("Plies" Awesome)) then all hell broke loose!" - Darnell Dockett

"Congrats to @PatrickWillis52  u def deserve it. But fyi ill see u on monday Night football and it won't be good to be a 49er then!" - Good to hear.

"RT @PatrickWillis52 Today is great and blessed day to be a 49er.-- well damn I agree 50millon I'd say it be great to be a 49er too!" - Darnell Dockett

"I hope yall are making ya self better today by any means! Don't judge no one today! If u Judge me and you'll have no time left to love me" - Darnell Dockett

"405lbs bench 6sets of 5,,,,2.5hr work out........... Shhhhh @jamiedukes I'm coming for that #1 spot... *drop mic*" - Darnell Dockett

"@Oprah let me hold something till my tax refund return. You know ill give it back. I'm good for it! Thanx in advance." - Darnell Dockett

What's For Dinner

What's for dinner tonight? Ox tails, jerk chicken, crab legs, shrimp and grits, fried chicken , mac and cheese, turkey wings, yams and tea!! - Darnell Dockett - That sounds like a meal at my house...not.

"Jerk chicken white meat mac n cheese yams in my jamacan voice" - Early Doucet

"About to drink my 4oz of wheat grass, then Beet,spinach carrot, garlic juice with ice!! Yummy. Its like fuel or a Armour TRUCK!!" - Darnell Dockett

"Hawaiian food is the BOMB I eat like a boss should! Very healthy" - Darnell Dockett

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"i swear i think they put some addictive drugs in krispy kreme doughnuts lol. when i see that HOT sign please get out the way!! lol" - Kerry Rhodes - Good eatin'.

No TV?

I hate #Directv if some one snap there finger loud enough they loose service - Darnell Dockett - I agree. I hate Directv.

I feel so basic with out cable right I'm bout to scream! Mann I'm bored as hell with out no cable! #DIRECTVSUCKS - Darnell Dockett

I'm bout to run up to home depot and get me 90yds of cable wire and still my next door neighbors cable. Cause I don't wanna miss ET and RayJ - Darnell Dockett

*Sigh*Oh well guess I got cable NOW! OHHHH LEEEAHH DOOO IIIT. I know people that know people and BAM! "CABLE IT IS! Now I can watch ET &RayJ - Darnell Dockett

Mini Camp Notes And New Teammates

"Up Ready for work! Last day of mini camp, I must get better on this last day. I'm a target this year that don't plan on moving." - Darnell Dockett 

"Damn I'm up hella I say "hella" now...doomed...Workout on deck goin for double digits nxt yr" - Cody Brown -  I would love to see Brown get double digit sacks.

"Going to get this workout and film in...after mini camp wrist feeling glorious" - Cody Brown - That's good to hear.

"We had a good weekend of mini camp.Things r comin along us.We gotta get back 2 the superbowl & finish the job.Gettin better 1 day @ a time!"  - Larry Fitzgerald

"i may go out with a couple of teammates 2nite and celebrate break of mini camp! lets see what scootsdale has 2 offer!" - Kerry Rhodes

"very successful mini camp i like this teams potential!!" - Kerry Rhodes

"Great minicamp just finished. I believe it was successful: we got better and had no injuries. off to a 2 man golf tour. w/ Derek Anderson" - Jay Feely

"Just woke up bout to go workout the story of my life" - Will Davis

"Joey porter getting his Corn iced lmfaoooo that's my dude #55" - Darnell Dockett - What a picture. Good to see Dockett and Porter getting along. This would make a good Caption This Pic. Hmmmmm....

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Cardinals Supporting The Suns

"At the Suns game hoping to see them guys go up 2-0 in the series" - Larry Fitzgerald

"Suns win.... Again!!! 2-0 in the series now! We gotta go to San Antonio & do work now" - Larry Fitzgerald

"Joey Porter, Me, and Devin who's not even looking at the camera,At this game right now" - Larry Fitzgerald - Looks like Porter is getting along with everyone.

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" gonna take a nap and go catch game 2 of the spurs vs. suns playoff game." - Kerry Rhodes

"i have a box seat for a fan at 2nites phoenix vs. san antonio game the first fan to meet me at 700 in front of arena gets ticket!!" - Kerry Rhodes 

"im sorry dallas im going to the SUNS game 2nite but only to root against the SPURS and ginobli i hate him lol!" - Kerry Rhodes

"Just left my teams golf tourney I wanna go to the Suns game any1 have an xtra ticket? Sup" - Stevie Baggs

"well the suns are my 2nd favorite lets go suns lets go!" - Calais Campbell

"I remember when McDyess played for the nuggets in the 90s and went to phx and made me a suns fan when I was a kid...and he is still playing?" - Calais Campbell

"Big win!" - Calais Campbell -

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New Freddy Crougor Movie

"Uh oh about to be at the theater in a min to watch my boy freddy wreck havoc on some high schoolers!! Lol" Kerry Rhodes

"i liked freddy last night." - Kerry Rhodes - Good. I want to see it.

"Freddie Kuger movie was straight...had me spooked.." - Cody Brown

"is it me or did this new Freddy just not measure up Robert England. His killing punch lines was kind of wack it was ok tho." - Antonio Smith - For old times sake.

Dockett vs Antonio Smith

Tell Wiz to put u at FB or TE when we play those 4 plays in pre season so I can monkey chock ur a** lmao. Hahahaaha - Antonio Smith - I would pay to see that.

@antoniosmith94 NOT - Darnell Dockett

@antoniosmith94 its 3people in the world u can't beat and I'm 2 of em! I have no idea who the 3rd u bignose crackhead beetle juice lookalike - Darnell Dockett

"Who thinks I should chop @ddockett dreads off" - Antonio Smith

"and who wants me to spray gas on u then light ur ass on fire" - Darnell Dockett

"u can't burn a ninja" - Antonio Smith

"I'm roundhouse ur a** dale." - Antonio Smith

@antoniosmith94 shut up B4 I punch u in ur nose, cut u with a knife , dump hot fish grease on ur neck, then pour bleach on ur wounds damnit! - Darnell Dockett - OUCH!

@antoniosmith94 that's why ur strength coach aint better than mine! !!! - Darnell Dockett - Check and mate.

@ddockettI can't comment on that Lott is the truth but the strongest right arm is back do to my strength coach so I can chock u out - Antonio Smith  

Random Tweets

"Haha this is so funny..everyone keeps asking Will Davis if he is Tim Hightower" - Calais Campbell - Haha. Now that's funny. I can picture that.

"I'm playing golf right now for Cardinals charities and I realize I need lessons!" - Calais Campbell

"Left my wallet at the crib...gotta go get that before they deport me...damn arizona laws" - Cody Brown - I don't think you'll have that problem Cody.

"Ok I got my wallet I'm goody now...Now time to get that good workout in" -  Cody Brown - Good we were all worried.

"This old lady jus fell down at the car wash...and her husband laughed at her...unreal guy" - Cody Brown

"After minicamp and 10 days away from my family it is Great to be home!!!" - Jay Feely

"Had a great time at the Cardinals golf tournament yesterday, though coach Wisenhunt got the better of me. Raised a lot of $ for charities!" - Jay Feely

"Just left the NFL play 60 challenge it was fun... Interacting with the youth was awesome" - Stevie Baggs


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