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Arizona Cardinals Flock of Links: The Beanie Era Begins?

Here's some bird droppings for all ya'll. (The good kind! Not the kind that's a pain in the butt to clean off your car after you've parked it under a tree for some respite from Arizona's nasty summer heat.)

Yahoo! Sports - NFL | RB rankings: Vikings edge Titans
There’s a lot of talk coming out of Arizona that this is going to become a run-first team behind Beanie Wells(notes) now that quarterback Kurt Warner(notes) has retired. | Jay Feely wades into Arizona immigration debate
Kicker Jay Feely, who signed in the offseason with the Cardinals and who has violated the first rule of political aspirations by talking openly about his political aspirations, recently suggested that he agrees with the measure. | Remembering NFL players who retired this offseason
There may have been better QBs in the league during Warner's 12 years, but when it came to the playoffs, there was never anyone who could match his numbers. The two-time league MVP and four-time Pro Bowler went to three Super Bowls and holds the top three spots when it comes to passing yardage in the big game. That's an astounding stat. He won the Super Bowl in his record-setting MVP season in 1999 and will surely end his days enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Bleacher Report | When Will John Skelton Start for the Arizona Cardinals?
I expect Skelton to start for the Cardinals probably about in his second or third year in the NFL. You have to think that the Cardinals have plans for him. | Word From the Birds Blog: On Lutui and Hayes
The NFL says that, as of the end of last week, 37 restricted free agents remained unsigned to new contracts. One of those is, obviously, Cardinals guard Deuce Lutui. That’s still a lot of RFAs unsigned. We’ve broken down the Deuce thing before. At this point, I will be surprised if he signs before he has to, which is June 15. (Insider) | Schefter's top 5 Super Bowl cities
Phoenix: It's a little too spread out for some, but it is such a perfect scene. The desert typically brings hot days, cool nights and memorable times. The last Super Bowl there was one of the best ever played, when New York pulled a Giant upset over the then-unbeaten New England Patriots. | Pat Tillman should be in the Hall of Fame
The debate regarding the question of whether off-field misconduct should close the door to the Hall of Fame necessarily opens the door to the question of whether players without the credentials to make it to Canton should be considered based on positive off-field contributions. And the guy at the top of that list would be Pat Tillman.

Kissing Suzy Kolber | Here Is Something You Can’t Understand – How I Could Just Ice A Brah
Matt Leinart totally wants to ice a brah and embarrass him in front of his teammates; Dockett ain't down wit it. Not at all.