Who's The Best???

Andrew602 note: This blog was written by Arizona Cardinals free safety, Hamza Abdullah.

In The Name of God the Most Gracious The Most Merciful 

Peace, Hey everyone, thank you to everyone who reads the post I'm a newbie, so be gentle...I just made it back home to Seattle. I live up here in the offseason, and it's a welcoming time right now to get away from the triple digits and get back to some good golf weather. I have to say I love AZ because we have golf courses like Seattle has Starbucks. I'll probably be up here for a few weeks working out then head back to AZ a little early so I can get back adapted to the heat. 

This is the most crucial time of the offseason, guys are on their own and you really have to apply yourself and not lose what we've spent the last 3 months working on. I learned early in my career that this is where you make the team. You pay the price in June and July, so you don't have to in August and September. What I mean by this is, in the old days players use to use training camp as a way to get in shape. Well what happened was guys would get hurt or not be able to show their skills because they were tired and out of shape. Somewhere along the lines someone got smart and said, "Not up in here.wmv". So I love this time of year. I try and push myself to the limits, because I know they'll try to do that in camp. Camp is camp. You have to love it. 

Thankfully I'm in good ol Flagstaff this year :-) NFL Player who uses smiley faces??? Hahahaha. I really am excited for camp this year, I felt bad coming in last year and not being my real self. I wasn't able to show off my skills because I just wasn't myself. I played the 4th quarter of the last pre season game Sep 3rd and my next game wasn't until the season finale vs. the Packers. That's not fair. It wasn't fair to you fans and it wasn't fair to my coaches. I thank them for allowing me that opportunity and again signing me back to try and finish what I started. I have a great feeling about this situation, this team and this city. I really do. I wish you guys could see how hard the guys worked this offseason and how dedicated guys were. It reminded me of the days we had all that veteran leadership in Denver. I just think we have to take it one phase at a time. We had a strong mini camp and OTA's, now we must have a strong June and July, then we focus on training camp. Most of us get our own personal trainers, but it's a trying time because this decision will impact your career directly. I'm thinking about training with Leroy Smith's Get Your Basketball On Infomercial. If he can beat out Michael Jordan, he has to be able to help me out.  And even though i'm not at the facility I still try and watch a lot of film. I watch game film and I watch individual film. I've been watching Ed Reed, Bob Sanders, Troy Polamalu, Adrian Wilson and the late Sean Taylor's films since I came into the league. I consider them to be the creme de la creme of NFL Safeties. Who do you think is the best safety in the game right now? I think I know, but it always makes for great debate?

 And I'm sorry I didn't answer all your questions from before, but i'll try to now. 


As far as how many players know about the site, I'm not sure, but I would say if they have a twitter or facebook, they know about the site...What's my favorite NBA team? I'm a Laker fan, growing up watching Magic Johnson and showtime perform at the Great Western Forum, it was hard not to love them. I still believe he was the best I ever seen. Michael Jordan is widely considered the best, and you can't really argue. I wish more people could have seen Magic play though...I don't know what's going on with Deuce, but I do know he'll do whatever is most important for himself and his family...The new jerseys are sweeeet!!! I hope we get a chance to wear them on a national televised game at home, with the whole crowd wearing black shirts. How awesome would that be?...Thanks again for all the wonderful comments. I love getting feedback and interacting with the fans. You must remember, we're all fans too. Until next time. 



Hamza Abdullah

Arizona Cardinals

Safety #41

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