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Arizona Cardinals Tiny Bird Droppings: Cards Against Domestic Violence

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Just a few links this morn, but one in particular I feel is an important one. It's always good to see professional athletes taking the time to do something positive in society, so I praise the Cards who participated in "NFL Dads Dedicated To Daughters." | Cardinals part of effort to raise awareness of violence against women
Two years ago, Tony Porter had a stereotypical view of NFL players. As co-founder of A Call to Men, an organization dedicated to stopping violence against women, Porter wondered if the 50-plus players in the audience were going to be listening to him. | Arizona Cardinals, QB Max Hall feel each other's presence
Max Hall is a new father. He's living with his in-laws while looking for a job. Most of his belongings are packed away in boxes. That's a lot of pressure. And when Hall ran into his uncle Danny the other day, the young man was keeping all options open. "Maybe I should play in the Arena Football League," Hall said.

NFL Mocks | Reviewing the 2006 NFL Draft: NFC West
It’s been 4 years since the 2006 NFL Draft and those selected have had time to make an impact on their respective teams. In this new series of articles the writers at NFLMocks will be breaking down each team division by division and grading their drafts. We will identify the top busts and the biggest sleepers and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section of each post.