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In The Name Of God The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Peace. Good Morning everyone. I hope you are up early and preparing to watch Landon Donovan (landondonovan) on Twitter and our boys get down on ESPN. I'm a huge sports fan, and a bigger Soccer fan than most. All of my younger brothers grew up playing Fútbol and my younger brother Salih Johnwell was really good. He was approached to go overseas and play when he was 11 years old. I wanted him to go, but at the time my family was going through some tough times so he was not able to go. I pray it works out though, because now he's focusing on the family business, that is football. Haha. For those of you that don't know, my younger brother Husain Abdullah plays for the Minnesota Vikings. I know what you're thinking, yep. We have them on our schedule and I can't wait to throw him in to the Gatorade on the sideline. The Greatest Moment of WaterBoy , I love that movie. But yeah, me and my brother have always been in competition since we were younger, so he'll have no problem trying to give me "The Business". It's going to be fun. We always have healthy competition and to be honest, he's been getting the better of me lately, so I need to strike back this year.

Last year I wasn't on the team quite yet when we put the hurting on the Vikings on Sunday Night Football. The crazy thing was, in my heart I was rooting for the Cardinals but I didn't know why. I wanted my brother to ball out, have a bunch of tackles and hopefully cause a turnover, but for the first time I wasn't going for the Vikings to win. I didn't know why at the time, but now I know. It reminded me of when I was a young boy growing up in Los Angeles and I was watching the 98' Rose Bowl between Michigan and Washington State. The game that decided the National Championship. I was pulling hard for Washington State and didn't know why. Who knew a few short years later, I'd be enrolling at Wazzu?...Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great and being blessed and appreciative of what and who you have around you. I most definitely am. I can't quite state the importance of Family and Friends. I'm up in Seattle and I have been having this house for 3 years, and it was the first time I met my neighbors. I felt terrible because one should always get to know his neighbors. So Brittany and Michael, It was very nice to meet you and I hope you guys all the best. And I know you guys are Seahawks fans, but maybe you can root for us in the other 14 games we play.

And my family is wonderful. I had a chance to play golf with 2 of my brothers for Fathers Day, and we had a blast. My Mother--in-Law (The Best Mother-In-Law in the world)yiayiagreen ), got me my first BBQ Pit so I can learn how to "Q". Thanks Mom. I know my Dad would dispute the title of the best Mother-In-Law, because my Grandmother is amazing. Hi Tutu, I love shouting out family. Haha, This is what the offseason is all about, reconnecting with those that you love, meeting new people, so you can grow to love them and finding those people who don't love you, and try to get them to love you. I'm a big proponent of Loving Thy Neighbor. It is such a long grind that is the NFL season, so we have to make sure we're using this time to let our family, friends, and fans know that we appreciate everything they do for us. So thank you again.

I'm actually headed to LA this weekend to do another one of our offseason rituals, and thats youth camps. If you guys aren't aware, these youth camps are the pride and joy of professional athletes, especially NFL players. We know what it's like to be a wide eyed kid and playing the game of your favorite stars. It's quite a treat for young athletes to be able to interact and learn from people they see on TV. I remember going to Hakeem Olajuwon's basketball camp when I was 12 years old, and he made a lasting impression on me. He's the reason till this day, I love basketball as much as I do. So If you get a chance support these youth camps, sign your children up for them. It really does make a difference I'm going to my buddy Jason David's Corner Foundation and he does an amazing job with his camp. I have been going every year since I have been in the NFL and I have more fun than the kids. hahaha, and it's not even close. I love children. I do. I would have 12 if I could. hahahaha, don't tell my wife, she might be on a midnight train to Georgia if she heard that. But seriously, take care of our children, the neighborhood children, the children at the schools, all children everywhere. They really are our future and they are so impressionable. We might as well show them the way. I'm about to get out of here, the game is about to start, but not before I ask this question...

After the NBA Finals many people had the discussion of whether Kobe Bryant is the greatest Laker of all time, Me personally, I love Kobe, but I think Magic Johnson was the best player i've ever seen and hands down the greatest Laker. I do know that if '24' comes home with a few more of those Larry O'Brien trophy's, that will change. But It got me to thinking...I don't really know too much of the Arizona Cardinals history, when I think of great Cardinal Quarterbacks I think of Kurt Warner and Jake Plummer. I know Matt Leinart has a long way to go, but I was thinking. If Matt Leinart led the Cardinals to a Super Bowl, and won it, would he be considered the greatest Cardinal Quarterback in team history??? I know a number of things would have to fall into place and he would have to have a monster season and post season. But let's say he does. Would that elevate him over all others? I feel you can pose this question about a number of QB's in the NFL about their respective teams. But since I play for this one, I want to know about the Cardinals. If Matt Leinart had a great season and postseason, and led the team to a Super Bowl Championship, would he be the greatest Cardinal QB of all time?


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