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CBSSports Top 200 Fantasy Football Players

CBSSports recently revealed their Top 200 fantasy football players, which consist of offensive players, kickers, and team defenses. Both Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard posted their big boards as a pre-draft evaluation tool for those who participate in fantasy football. The boards are their respective opinions and one may take them with a grain of salt. But they're also another offseasonsubject that we can use to discuss and see how the Cardinals stack up to the competition. We'll start with Jamey Eisenberg's top 200 board, which listed five Cardinals.

22. Larry Fitzgerald WR, ARI

  • I think we all would expect to see Fitzgerald as the highest ranked Cardinal on the list, although I'm a bit surprised he fell to 22nd this year. We're used to seeing him ranked in the top 10 overall, and he's usually the number one wide receiver. It could be a testiment to the lack of yards in 2009. You could also blame the cause on Kurt Warner's sore shoulder. We found out after the season that the shoulder was the primary reason Warner didn't throw the deep ball most of the season. Matt Leinart should change that next year.

29. Beanie Wells RB, ARI

  • I was pleasantly surprised to see Beanie ranked 29th overall. He previewed just some of his skills last season and has worked his tail off so far this offseason. I believe that we'll see a much-improved Beanie Wells in the backfield in 2010. His big-play potential will be too much to pass on for fantasy football managers.

79. Tim Hightower RB, ARI

  • After two players landed in the top 30, the next Cardinal on the list didn't come for 50 more spots. Tim Hightower, who has been a touchdown machine his first two seasons, apparently isn't a hot choice at running back next year. It is understandable. He hasn't piled up yardage and he may see more production and goalline attempts diminish with Beanie Wells getting more carries.

93. Steve Breaston WR, ARI

  • Steve Breaston, who will start along side Larry Fitzgerald next season, slipped much too far for my liking. He's shown consistency the last two seasons and will see even more looks in 2010. He's also stepping down from punt return duty, something that should keep his legs fresh when the offense takes the field.

138. Matt Leinart QB, ARI

  • With the criticism that Matt Leinart has suffered already this offseason, it felt odd to see him even make the list. Leinart is inheriting the best offense of his NFL career and will throw to arguably the best receiver in the game. How could you not draft him to your fantasy team for the utter fact that he could have a break out season?

The second top 200 list is after the jump...

Dave Richard's top 200 fantasy football players:

29. Larry Fitzgerald WR, ARI

  • I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Consider this - 11 other receivers were ranked higher then Fitzgerald on this board. I realize that Warner isn't throwing beautiful touchdown passes to Fitzgerald anymore but Larry was game even before Kurt arrived in Arizona. Do people really think he will not be one of the top receivers in 2010?

38. Beanie Wells RB, ARI

  • Somewhat less then Eisenberg's 29th ranking. Still good to see Beanie high on the list.

63. Tim Hightower RB, ARI

  • A higher ranking for Hightower. His goalline usage is intriguing.

80. Steve Breaston WR, ARI

  • A higher ranking for Breaston too.

151. Early Doucet WR, ARI

  • I was waiting to see if Early Doucet would make it among the rankings. It's good to see him get some love. Doucet showed signs of promise in the playoffs last year in place of an injured Anquan Boldin. He brings the physical style that we're used to seeing and he's not afraid to take a shot over the middle. In my opinion, Early Doucet is one of the most anticipated players to watch for next season.

It surprised me that Jay Feely and the Cardinals defense didn't make the list. Feely had a very good 2009 season for the Jets and now will be playing indoors. The Cardinals defense has always been about big plays, so maybe the loss of Rolle and Dansby are causing some hesitation. What are your thoughts on the rankings and should anyone else be added to the list?