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Predicting The Arizona Cardinals 2010 Record: Weeks 10 & 11

As we continue to predict the Arizona Cardinals 2010 record, the process will become more difficult, and the chances of a bias prediction increasingly grow, but I'll do my best to keep it realistic. Are the Cardinals the favorite to win the coveted NFC West title three years in a row? Probably not, but they are still due respect and therefore, should have a winning record next season. Last week, the Cardinals ended with a 5-3 record, winning against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but losing on the road against the Minnesota Vikings. This week, the Cardinals face an easy stretch of games... or so it seems.

Week 10 vs Seattle Seahawks

Key Additions: Charlie Whitehurst (QB), Russell Okung (OT), Earl Thomas (FS), Leon Washington (RB)

Key LossesNate Burleson (WR), Travis Fisher (CB), Deon Grant (SS), Cory Redding (DE), Darryl Tapp (DE), Seneca Wallace (QB), Patrick Kerney (DE)

Offseason Analysis: After firing Jim Mora Jr. at the start of the offseason, the Seahawks brought in USC head coach Pete Carroll. They also parted ways with several veteran players and arguably had the best draft in the entire league. This past week, Carroll released one of his own - former USC and Titans running back LenDale White. Clearly, Carroll is putting his stamp on this team, but is also trying to shed his reputation as a player's coach.

Season Outlook: Although the Seahawks aren't the favorite to win the division, they've done enough this offseason to surprise a few teams throughout the season. Adding Earl Thomas to the secondary gives them a playmaker that could change the outcome of games. The common concern coming out of Seahawks camp is the health of quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. If he can perform like the quarterback he once was, the Seahawks have a strong chance to finish the season as a wild card team. They need to find a pure pass rusher because at the moment, they have none. They also added Okung through the draft to fill the void that was left by the retired Walter Jones. Outside of Okung remains a huge question mark. As long as the Seahawks maintain the '12th man' at Qwest Field, they'll be a pesky opponent to deal with.

Key Match-Up: Beanie Wells vs Aaron Curry - When the Seahawks lost to the Cardinals last season, the biggest mismatch was Beanie Wells against Seattle's linebackers. Wells was able to pound his way into the secondary several times en route to a 85-yard, two touchdown performance. Curry was very green last season, and would like nothing more to stop Beanie in 2010

Prediction: Loss - Every year the Cardinals occasionally stoop to their opponent's level. They surrendered 14 early points to the Seahawks at home last season and I'm picking this match up as one of the surprise losses of the year.

A prediction against the Chiefs and the Cardinals overall record after eleven weeks are after the jump...

Week 11 at Kansas City Chiefs

Key Additions: Eric Berry (S), Dexter McCluster (RB), Thomas Jones (RB), Ryan Lilja (G), Shaun Smith (DT), Jerheme Urban (WR), Casey Wiegmann (C)

Key LossesBobby Wade (WR), Wade Smith (G), Andy Alleman (G), Sean Ryan (TE)

Offseason Analysis: The Chiefs have already done a solid job improving their young team just this offseason alone. They had a successful draft, in which they found playmakers on both sides of the ball in safety Eric Berry and RB/WR Dexter McCluster. They also brought in veteran workhorse Thomas Jones, who can mentor and become a 1-2 punch with current back, Jamaal Charles. The only questionable move was signing former Cardinal Jerheme Urban. It would be in their best interest to not trust Urban with the ball during critical situations.

Season Outlook: Under the second season of the Todd Haley regime, the Chiefs will know what to expect heading into camp and the season. They won't be in transition and will be a more grounded team. After quarterback Matt Cassel struggled his first season in Kansas City,  the Chiefs went out and added lineman depth through free agency to provide more stable protection. The AFC West is more open for the taking than it's been in the past, and the Chiefs will get the opportunity to challenge their rivals.

Key Match-Up: Matt Cassel vs Cardinals defense - Cassel is an accurate quarterback with the ability to make a play with his legs. That type of quarterback has burned the Cardinals defense in the past, and I see Cassel as the x-factor that gives the Chiefs the best chance to win the game. The Cardinals will need to interrupt Cassel's timing and keep him on the back to avoid the Chiefs upset.

Prediction: Win - The Cardinals offense and defense out-match the Chiefs' young team. They don't have a pass rush that can give Matt Leinart fits, and their offense doesn't pose many potential threats. However, Jamaal Charles did show breakaway speed last season, so limiting him and Cassell will be the keys to winning the game.

Arizona Cardinals record after eleven weeks: 6-4

A 6-4 record is nothing to bat your eyes at, but it's respectable enough to maintain a comfortable position in the running for a playoff spot, whether it be for the division or the wild card. It's never easy to predict when the Cardinals will flop to a lower level team. They may very well beat the Seahawks but lose to the Chiefs. What are your thoughts on the Cardinals record after eleven weeks?