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Arizona Cardinals Tweeting On Twitter

A collection of Arizona Cardinals tweets on Twitter from this past week. 


Fitz An MMA Fan?

"At the UFC fights tonight. Big thanks to @danawhite for plugging me with the tickets!" - Larry Fitzgerald - I was glad when I saw Larry representing on TV.

"Had a great time there! RT @ufc: The house was stacked tonight.Larry Fitzgerald @LFitzgerald11 sat Octagon-side."  - Larry Fitzgerald

"That was a good fight it should of been 5 rounds tho and I need a rematch" - Will Davis - Will Davis chimes in.

The In-Laws

"Gotta love in-laws: today we were in a hurry and someone had to go back to hotel, bec they forgot their teeth! Yes, really happened!" - Kurt Warner - What? That's never happened to you before?

"Last day w in-laws! Starving at noon and we can't eat bec cousin doesn't eat and drive! Who can't Eat and drive! Like I said last day w'em!" - Kurt Warner - Don't worry Kurt, we understand.

Eating Becomes Popular Around the Same Time

"I'm hungry! Anybody got Food?" - Darnell Dockett

"could somebody bring me some food im hungry" - Will Davis

"Who having a cookout in AZ?? I bet @Lfitzgerald11 is! If not who is I wanna come!!" - Darnell Dockett

"@ddockett shoot,I'm trying to find out the same thing lol" - Larry Fitzgerald

"i want some pasta anybody making any?" - Will Davis

"does anybody know if spicy pepper is bad for you ???" - Will Davis - Can't say that I do. Believe it or not, all of these posts happened around the same time.

The secret training of every great NFL safety

"i need to do something fun right now no bball on!!!! ahhhhhhh! maybe ill go chase coyotes out in the desert! should b fun!" - Kerry Rhodes -  If he can chase coyotes, he can chase a wide receiver.

"I refrained from chasing the coyotes but did the next best thing!! Lol I ate Taco Bell! Woo hoo!" - Kerry Rhodes - Well, throw that secret training out the window.

Working Out With The Cardinals

"Heck no, We did that as rookies.Not doing that anytime soon lol RT @Phx1rick: Do u hike some of the trails around the valley Larry?Camelback?" -  Larry Fitzgerald - Larry responding to a question.

"I'm determined to have another good week of practice... Consistency is my goal" - Trumaine McBride - McBride has been impressing coaches this past week. Keep it up!


"Rise and GRIND its 645am!!!!!! I love going to Football practice and the crazy part its not mandatory.." - Darnell Dockett - Who is this guy?

"Dear. "nfl offensive linemen" I've put on 12lbs, been working out since FEB-> faster, bigger stronger, and I'm hungry for sucess. Thx 9-0" - Darnell Dockett - Can't wait to see a hungry Dockett next season.

"Back to work after a great weekend with the family. 2 weeks left of our offseason program and I'm fired up to be the best in NFL this yr" - Jay Feely 

"Just got done with practice sitting in 30 degree F water getting my legs back... Bless" - Stevie Baggs

 Pulled Over Again?

"This is how I start my day off LOL FML.. saw him behind me with his lights on but ihit the GAS and drove 12 more min!" - Darnell Dockett - This happens far too often with Dockett.

"Damn PO PO! I wouldn't feel bad If it was a female cop cuz ill lflirt my way out of it! HE WANT DOUGHNUTS!" - Darnell Dockett

"Lol "mr dockett NICE truck what are those 30s, geesh well I wrote u a warning and can u do us a favor "YES" Kick 49ers ass" -->YES SIR TTYL" - Darnell Dockett - I wonder if this is how it really went down.

"The nxt POLICE pull me ovr gonne have 50yd line seats 2 any game of thr choice! Shh since they pull me ovr 4 nothing now they got a reason!" - Darnell Dockett - How about I just get them instead? Deal?

Random Tweets

"Came home for the weekend to 2 kids throwing up and a wife who is sick as well!! My other 2 were sick last week. The joys of parenthood." - Jay Feely 

"The owner talks before the players and holds up the trophy...damn that owner played hard that series..." - Cody Brown - Cody talking about the NHL playoffs.

"Someone told me today that 'Tigers like Pepper', didn't get it until watched 'The Hangover' tonight. 1 of funniest movies ever!" - Kurt Warner - Can't believe Kurt just now saw that movie. 

"Trying to gain weight, but good weight, and the BEST cookie in the world is staring at me right now, screaming "EAT ME!" Ultimate delimma" - Kurt Warner 

"At ceasers palace w/ snoop" - Larry Fitzgerald - "Come on everybody, come on! Snoop, Snoop-a-loop! No, it's cool, it's cool, I'm cool. Bring... Bring your green hat. Let's go, come on everybody we're goin'." Can you guess where that's from?


"Good morn... playing ball w son and he went about 50 yds away behind a pass and said, "Dad, I just need to c if u lost it yet"! No respect" - Kurt Warner 

"Ever been at a pool trying to relax, but there r screaming kids making it miserable? Yeah, sorry, I apologize those r my kids!" - Kurt Warner - Those are the worst.

"by pop demand that I change my pic from Titans uniform, & the fact that I have no Cards 1 yet, you get me in my calendar shoot days-enjoy" - Alan Faneca - Alan in his modeling days? Didn't think that was possible for a lineman.


"At airport & I went to restroom. Dude next to me doesn't wash his hands, stops to fix his hair in mirror & says to himself "you the man"!" - Jay Feely - Crap, I walked right past Jay Feely.

"Aye yall I'm trying to go pass the Jungles in LA. Have yall heard of that? Then I wann go to Ingle wood,Compton and Crenshaw!!" - Darnell Dockett

"Lmfaoooo look at one of my teammates feet peep that middle toe! ROTFL he didn't see me snap a pic LMFAOOOO" - Darnell Dockett - I'll let you guys take a stab at this one.


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