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Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings: Where The Cards Are Still Not Interested In Bulger

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. | Cardinals have had "no recent discussions" with Marc Bulger

Marc Bulger looms over the Cardinals quarterback depth chart like a dark cloud. It's reasonable to wonder if Bulger is also symbolically lodged somewhere in Matt Leinart's cranium. blogs - Kent Somers | Tuesdays with Whiz
Everyone is anxious to form opinions about the team's rookies, and it's impossible to make definitive judgments based on voluntary practices. But here's what I've observed so far from this draft class. | CFL star Stevie Baggs hopes to shine with Cardinals
"Humility comes before honor." Stevie Baggs finds himself repeating those four words over and over. Perhaps it is because they have come to define his football career. | Matt Leinart is Arizona Cardinals' best bet at quarterback
From Bidwills to ball boys, everyone connected with the Cardinals has heard the same question thousands of times this off-season: Is quarterback Matt Leinart any good? | Porter confident he has plenty left in the tank
Porter, who has amassed 92 sacks over his 11 year career, will be asked not only to get to the quarterback, but be a leader in his first season with the Cardinals. That, he said, is not a problem.

Word From the Birds Blog | Already, labor strife's impact
I know it isn’t a popular topic for many fans, nor one that some want to even acknowledge. But the reality is this: While a possible NFL work stoppage — because of the expired collective bargaining agreement and its official end date at the beginning of the 2011 league year (approximately March 1) — remains months and an entire NFL season away, it’s already impacting the league.