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Cardinals Quote Of The Day: "The chemistry between quarterbacks and receivers is coming together"

Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver Steve Breaston stopped by on Tuesday to answer questions in a live chat session with fans. Steve is generally a quiet guy and we rarely get to hear him talk, so I'd suggest heading over there and reading his answers. He had a lot of great (and interesting) things to say. Here are just a few of his answers:

On how OTAs are going...

It's going well. It's getting a little hot, but it's been productive. The chemistry between quarterbacks and receivers is coming together, we're having fun and I think really coming together this offseason.

In response to how the wide receiver competition is going...

After Larry, there is competition everywhere. I know when I came into the league, these coaches put the best players on the field. I feel me and Early compete every day. The young guys, O.J., Ed, you are competing with everyone. These coaches are going to put people out there that make plays and I am trying to be one of those guys.

In response to how the transition from Kurt Warner to Matt Leinart will go...

It will go smoothly if everyone does their role. A lot of people want Matt to come in and be Kurt and if he doesn't, it's a failure. I think Matt just has to play his game. We have the loss of Kurt and the loss of Anquan, and it isn't just about one guy. Everyone has to step up and do their part.