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Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings: Monday Morning Edition

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We have a pretty good amount of links today. Only a couple more weeks until training camp. It's not that far right? Right?!

A breakdown of this year's potential breakthrough players - Page 3 - Los Angeles Times
The 6-foot-8 Campbell, well known among Cardinals fans, had seven sacks last season yet should have been in double figures. He let several quarterbacks wriggle out from his grasp, something that still sticks in his head.

Caplan's Friday roundup - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN
In other team news of note from earlier this week, the Cardinals placed Kurt Warner on the Reserve/Retired list, a source confirmed. By placing Warner on the list, he won’t count against the Cardinals’ roster limit and his salary is off the books unless he decides to come back. If Warner decides to play again, all he needs to do is notify the league in writing.

Fantasy Football Top 10 Breakthroughs: Emerging RBs and WRs to star - News - FOX Sports on MSN
Wells averaged 4.5 yards per carry and scored seven times, even with Hightower and the talented receivers reducing his red zone chances. With Hightower and Matt Leinart’s efforts considered, the addition of Alan Faneca to the offensive line makes me believe that Wells will have a substantial boost in performance.

Calvin Inks Contract
For the second day in a row, the Cardinals have signed a draft pick. This time, though, it came with consequences.

Beanie's TV Bid
Growing up, it wasn’t NFL stardom that drove the dreams of Beanie Wells, but instead a desire to be in front of the camera. The original hope was acting – more specifically, to become "a movie star." Eventually, football became Wells’ immediate path, but his other desires didn’t die. At Ohio State, Wells’ major was communications and by then, TV was the goal.

Word From the Birds Blog - Something seems rank
Rankings are all subjective. That’s why there are playoffs at the end of the NFL season, because certainly the Cardinals wouldn’t have been in the Super Bowl that season had the postseason teams been advanced based on a ranking system. And there are times when a ranking reflects well on Cardinals-land.

Minnesota Vikings' Jared Allen puts his own spin on charity golf event
Now this is the way to run a charity golf tournament. Marines screaming at former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon during his backswing at the 10th tee. Ultimate Fighting star Chuck Liddell hydroplaning on a Slip 'n' Slide at 14, the price for failing to reach the green in regulation. It's 110 degrees, but the players at Ancala Country Club in Scottsdale on Saturday aren't the only ones roasting. There is also the pig that will be enjoyed between the front and back nine.

Jackson, Gore and NFC West runners - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks each had two running backs with at least 100 carries in each of the past two seasons. Seattle has had two 100-carry backs in each of the last four seasons, including two when Shaun Alexander was still with the team.

NFC West players to watch this summer - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Beanie Wells vs. Tim Hightower in Arizona.