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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Battles: Dan Williams vs Bryan Robinson

One thing that has been beaten into our heads the last three years is that rookies earn starting time on this team, regardless which round they were drafted in. Dan Williams will find this out soon, especially when training camp opens. Obviously the Cardinals didn't draft Williams to ride the bench in 2010. They drafted him to learn and develop, which is why they also re-signed veteran Bryan Robinson. Robinson will teach Williams everything he can and expects the rookie to take his job in the near future. It's only a matter of time.

Dan Williams vs Bryan Robinson

Size: Williams - Seeing how the Cardinals run the 3-4 defense, this one is a no-brain-er to me. Williams' frame is built with a low center of gravity and he has massive tree-trunks for legs. He possesses the perfect size to man the middle of the defensive line in a 3-4. Robinson lacks the size to draw double teams.

Speed: Williams - One of Williams' strong suits coming out of college was his speed. He doesn't quit and will pursue the ball carrier well beyond the line of scrimmage. Robinson's speed has dwindled over the years.

Athleticism: Williams - Again, with his ability to explode out of his stance and draw double teams, Williams wins the athleticism battle. If I had to, I'd compare Williams to a monster truck and Robinson to a cement truck - very different athletes.

Potential: Williams - There really isn't an argument here - Williams has only scratched the surface after he exploded onto the scene during his final year of college. Bryan Robinson may be entering his final year in the league and is well beyond his glory days.

Leadership/Experience: Robinson - Although he's losing the battle, Robinson may win the war. Leadership and experience can be considered the most important category, and I believe it also counts towards football smarts on the field. A good leader understands the game and believes in the team-first mantra. Williams just hasn't experienced enough football yet in his career obviously.

Williams is expected to take over the starting job at some point in 2010, but can he pull the upset and start right out of the gate? I'll leave the question up to you.