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NFL Network Analyst Jamie Dukes Says Cardinals Will Be Third In NFC West

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If you watch NFL Network from time to time then you've probably seen network analyst and former NFL offensive lineman Jamie Dukes before. Let's just say that he's never appeared to be a Cardinal fan despite playing for them at one point in his career. He's often quick to discredit their success and usually criticizes the team. On Total Access last week, he had this to say about the NFC West:
I would actually put them[Seattle] in that number two slot because of Matt Hasselbeck and hopefully for his sake, he can actually play and play back to the level that we've seen him play. I would say number one - probably leaning San Francisco.

Two big pieces missing in Arizona that pushed them to three for me - one, obviously is Kurt Warner but also Anquan Boldin - gone. So therefore there are two major offensive pieces that they've been very successful with that are not there.

The uncertainty at the quarterback position for me, I can't say that Matt - uh, drawin' a blank(snaps finger), uh the quarterback from - Derek no, [can't say that]Derek Anderson would be the answer or Matt Leinart would be the answer. I just can't say that either one of those guys would be the answer right now. 

Oh Jamie, you can't even say Matt's full name, of course you couldn't say that he'd be the answer either. But all jokes aside, this is coming from a guy who's banking on Matt Hasselbeck to lead the Seahawks to be "number two", although he's been injury-riddled the last two seasons. He's also crowning the 49ers division champs with a quarterback in a similar situation to Matt Leinart's.

I'm calling it right now - Dukes is out to get the Cardinals. There's no other way to explain it. He can't even give the team enough respect to remember the full name of Matt Leinart of all people. It's okay. The Cardinals will continue to upset the critics opinions just as they've done the last two seasons.