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Arizona Cardinals Quote Of The Day: Lutui's Agent - "If the club isn't pleased with him, I'm happy to assist them on a possible trade"

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We all know how the story unfolded: Deuce Lutui was offered a one year tender at the beginning of the offseason and didn't agree to that tender until mid June, missing all of the Cardinals offseason workouts. When he did finally report to the Cardinals training facility, Lutui weighed in at 396-pounds -- well over the 338-pounds he weighed last season. Kent Somers quoted Lutui's agent -- who was obviously not happy about all of the backlash his client has received: 

"After seeing so many players go down with season-ending injuries already this off-season … Deuce had every right to protect himself and his family as long as possible when he wasn't being offered a dime of guaranteed money at all and not under contract," Harris said.

"As for his weight, he's a hard worker and I have no doubt he will be within the range he reasonably should be when it counts. If the club isn't pleased with him, I'm happy to assist them on a possible trade. Otherwise, we should let his play on the field this season speak for itself like it did last year."

This comes as interesting news considering Ken Whisenhunt sounded upset at Lutui's lack of a commitment to the team during offseason workouts. Whisenhunt stated this to a local radio station only days ago: 

"I have very little tolerance for that because, listen, this offseason, we had our guys in there working about as hard as I have ever been around ... And it’s difficult when you have guys in there busting their tails and one of the players isn’t in there and then when he comes in and signs his contract, he’s pretty heavy. That is frustrating. The onus is on Deuce."

Lutui has already lost his starting position to long time lineman Reggie Wells. Now he's dealing with weight issues and a stiffer battle in training camp. Things could get interesting if the team continues to sound unhappy with Deuce. A trade does open the door at the possibility of acquiring a draft pick for next season or even a veteran that can help provide depth at a key position. Things will remain to be seen until camp starts in less then two weeks.