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Kurt Warner: Hall Of Fame Bound?

At ESPN, NFC West blogger Mike Sando put together a piece listing players from the NFC West who may be Hall of Fame bound and as you can expect, Kurt Warner's name came up for the Cardinals.

Case for enshrinement: None of the 14 quarterbacks enshrined in the Hall of Fame since 1985 can match Warner in completion percentage (65.5), yards per attempt (7.95) or yards per game (260.8). Of the 14, only Steve Young had a higher passer rating. Only Dan Marino had more 300-yard games.

Warner reached 10,000 yards passing in fewer games than anyone in NFL history. Only Marino reached 20,000 and 30,000 yards as fast (they tied by reaching 30,000 yards in 114 games). Warner and Peyton Manning are the only players with a perfect passer rating in three games.

Warner was also about winning. He has a 9-4 starting record in the playoffs and has posted the three highest passing yardage totals in Super Bowl history. Only Bart Starr has a higher career postseason passer rating. Warner averaged 66.5 percent completions, 304 yards and 8.55 yards per attempt in the playoffs. Warner has 31 postseason touchdown passes in only 13 games (the three players ahead of him own between 18 and 24 playoff appearances).

Case against enshrinement: Warner started more than 11 games in a season only four times. He started between nine and 11 games four times and didn't accomplish much for a five-season period beginning in 2002.

Any argument against enshrinement for Warner will focus on the disjointed nature of his career and the fact that he produced sporadically as a result. The consistency simply wasn't as good with Warner as it was with the typical Hall of Fame quarterback.

Personally it's a no-brain'er for me - not because I'm a Cardinals fan, but because Warner took two of the worst teams in the NFL - the Rams and Cardinals - to the Super Bowl ... the Super Bowl. Look how the Rams have skidded since Warner left and look how terrible the Cardinals were before he arrived. He's a first round Hall Of Fame'r and I'll be outraged if he doesn't make it.