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Cardinals Sign 7th Round Draft Pick Jim Dray To Four-Year, $1.84 Million Contract

The Arizona Cardinals signed seventh round draft pick, Jim Dray, to a four-year, $1.84 million contract late Wednesday. The tight end out of Stanford was the first draft pick to sign his contract so far. Dray played for Stanford last season after missing most of the previous year when he tore his hamstring, left knee, popliteus muscle, post anterior capsule, and lateral band all at the same time on a play in 2007.

Dray returned to form last year and was considered one of the best blocking tight ends entering the draft. Ken Whisenhunt values great blocking skills in his tight ends, increasing Dray's chances of earning a spot on the Cardinals 53-man roster.

As of right now, the Cardinals currently have five tight ends signed to the team: Dray, Ben Patrick, Anthony Becht, Stephen Spach, and Demetrius Byrd. We have to assume that the team will only keep three signed, making the tight end battle in camp that much more interesting.

With Dray now signed, Jorrick Calvin, O'Brien Schofield, and John Skelton won't be far from coming to terms with the team in the coming weeks.