Arizona Cardinals VS Houston Texans Postgame Risers and Fallers

The first preseason game is in the books. We learned that the first team O-Line needs more time to adjust, and that Leinart had some early success despite the O-Line being shaky at times. We saw that despite reports from training camp that Derrick Anderson is still adjusting to the offense and that fifth round draft pick, John Skelton, can lead the team to a 4th quarter comeback victory when facing a 3rd string defense. Not to downplay Skelton's performance, because it really was a site for sore eyes after a long evening watching Anderson have little success. But it is important to remember that this was just one game and that he needs to build a body of work, and against higher quality opponents.

We know the majority of the starters and the depth chart, but after our first taste of action let's take a look at some of the standouts from tonight's game after the jump...


MLB Daryl Washington - Simply put ... Dansby who? 13 tackles, and it seemed like every play he was close to the ball. Great motor and good skill wrapping up tackles. Very excited to see our #2 draft choice provide such immediate impact.

QB John Skelton - Personally I'm hoping he gets a good chance next game to push for the #2 duties. Played with touch, pocket presence, and a rocket arm. Very happy to see first hand his ability to play and even happier that we got him in the fifth round. At this moment in time, he seems like quite the steal.

WR Stephen Williams - Making a name for himself. If he can remain consistent he could push for the #4 spot, leaving Roberts to fight for the #5 spot.

NT Dan Williams - Took up space and forced the double team many times, he played throughout the game, so I'm wondering how the coaches grade his performance.

DB Justin Miller - Great job on return duties tonight.

MLB Pago Togafau - Great job by the Cardinals on-again, off-again player. He's working hard to make the final 53 and stick this time.

CB Marshay Green - May have a chance to make the team through his special teams contributions to replace the spot left by Sean Morey, and continue to improve and provide depth at CB. I liked his motor and his skills tonight.

The crowd - I loved that the crowd was organized and cheering chants to get the Defense and the Offense charged up in the 4th Quarter. Skelton's success really changed the attitude of the game.


Andre Roberts - Had too many dropped passes tonight. As Whiz put it in the post game (paraphrased) he needs to grow up quick and understand that he is expected to bring in those passes at this level.

Derrick Anderson - I think they wanted to give him a chance to end on success, but he kept struggling to find a rhythm and made mistakes. It didn't help that one of his primary targets tonight was Roberts though.

Who else is rising or falling? Did I miss anyone or get something completely wrong?

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