In Wiz We Trust?

You know, I remember last year when we were going through these same preseason blues. Trying to remain faithful was trying, to say the least. Well, here we go again. I was only able to watch a little bit of the game, I woke up local time shortly after 3am, turned the game on and watched Matt's last possession and about 15 minutes more of the game before switching it off to get a couple more hours of sleep. Yeah, the gameplan is basic and, yeah, we don't like to show much of our hand, but .... damn it! IT"S HARD TO KEEP THE FAITH SOMETIMES!!!

I got online this morning (8pm Phx time) in hopes of some interesting discussion, but up to now I have seen none here, but some over at What's up with that?

I really think coach is limiting Matt's play strictly because he has faith in his abilities and we should see more of Mattty this Saturday. I am nervous with both of our lines, they aren't playing up to the level I was hoping for, especially the defense. Still lack of gameplanning and vanilla calls? Dunno, we'll see.

Was very happy to get my first glimpse of Williams, great talent there, think Roberts has definitely been supplanted.

Anxious to hear the views of those who watched the whole game (debacle?)


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