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9-1-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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Well.... it sounds like this massive cluster **** is almost over, except the decision that is being made (in my opinion) is the wrong one. After spending the entire offseason hearing how he is the guy, and that the team believes in him, and that Coach Whiz is happy with what he has done, the team has given up on him after two Preseason games where Coach Whiz admitted that he did not get much help from the O-Line. I thought they should have at least given him a couple weeks in the regular season to see if he could get it done, but that's just how I feel.

So, lets get on to some Links...

NFL Preseason Game Four: Redskins At Cardinals, 7 P.M. AZT - SB Nation Arizona
In the final preseason game, the Washington Redskins will visit the Arizona Cardinals. The Cards will be sporting their new black jerseys and Derek Anderson will again get the start.

Feels like end game for Matt Leinart - NFC West Blog - ESPN
ESPN's Adam Schefter names the Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills and New York Giants as teams that have spoken to the Arizona Cardinals about a possible trade for Matt Leinart. I'm not sure whether those teams initiated discussions or simply answered their phones, but an executive for another team told me the Cardinals were calling around, trying to gauge the market for their jilted quarterback. It's all consistent with the broader feeling that Leinart's tenure in Arizona could be nearing an end.

Cardinals QB Derek Anderson picked to start vs. Redskins
Derek Anderson will remain the Cardinals' starting quarterback. And it could last well beyond the team's fourth and final preseason game Thursday night against the visiting Washington Redskins.

NFL Videos: Has Leinart lost locker room?
Michael Lombardi examines whether Matt Leinart is losing support in the locker room -- and from his head coach.

Matt Leinart doesn't want to be a backup quarterback |
It may not matter whether the Bills have discussed trading for Matt Leinart or not because Leinart doesn't yet realize what stage of his career he's reached.

Three teams have talked about trading for Matt Leinart |
Trading Matt Leinart won't be easy because of his contract, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that three teams have discussed picking up Leinart: The Bills, Raiders, and Giants. It's unclear whether they've talked to the Cardinals or just have considered the move internally.

Bills say they haven't "discussed" Leinart |
Earlier today, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported via Twitter (this is where we'd made the crack about it maybe being a hoax, but we're already getting tired of that one) that three teams have talked about trading for Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart, who finds himself on the block after losing his starting job for the second time since 2008.

Schefter fires back at Bills |
Earlier today, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported via Twitter that the Bills, Giants, and Raiders have "discussed" trading for Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart. In the version of the report, Schefter said that the Bills have discussed the subject with the Cardinals. The Bills denied the report via the team's official website, calling Schefter's report "erroneous."

Matt Leinart Situation: Whisenhunt Puts Self In Hot Seat - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
How can Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt go from praising Matt Leinart's progress as a leader just weeks before camp to dumping the heir apparent just a few weeks later? Whisenhunt has yet to fully explain this decision, which is his right -- unless it blows up in his face.

Toler, McBride Fight On The Corner
Position battle ongoing, although Saint Paul's product has edge news: Pressure is on: Cardinals, Eagles have legendary shoes to fill
No one said it would be easy.

Cardinals undrafted receiver Stephen Williams could turn into a steal
How bad did NFL scouts miss the boat on rookie wide receiver Stephen Williams?

Arizona Cardinals' Matt Leinart on the Trading Block: A Look at All 31 NFL Teams | Bleacher Report
With the news being broken (thank you, Jay Glazer), that Arizona Cardinals quarterback has been demoted and is now on the trading block, there's just one thing left to do. Look at all of the potential options.

Matt Leinart Trade: 5 Teams That Could Use The Former 1st Rounder | Bleacher Report
About a week ago this time, the Matt Leinart era in Arizona began to seem bleak.

Jay Glazer said teams called him about Leinart - Dan
FOX's Jay Glazer joined the show to talk about Matt Leinart trade rumors.

With Cardinals possibly shopping Matt Leinart, QB says he doesn't want to be a backup in NFL - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -
Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart told Fox Sports' Jay Glazer that he does not intend to be a backup QB, even as ESPN reported that the Cardinals have discussed a trade for Leinart with three other teams. blogs - Bruce Cooper Blog - BruceCooper - Leinart, it's just a matter of time now
If that old saying, "where there's smoke there's fire," has any ring of truth to it then the swirling trade rumors regarding Matt Leinart have reached the four alarm level. A number of national media outlets are reporting the Cardinals have reached out to other teams regarding a trade for Leinart.

Coach Whisenhunt Failed To Show Confidence In Matt Leinart - SB Nation Arizona
Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt initially supported Matt Leinart as the starter, but after a few weeks of training camp, has abandoned him. Without Kurt Warner by his side, Leinart isn't the only Cardinals leader who needs to prove himself.

Phoenix Sports Radio Round-Up: Kurt Warner Supports Matt Leinart - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Miss the key interviews with your favorite players on local sports radio? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Everyday we'll give you a recap of the key interviews you need to hear from all the stations in Phoenix and beyond.

Derek Anderson will get the call Thursday |
After questioning his benching publicly on Monday to the media, Matt Leinart went to coach Ken Whisenhunt to talk about it. We don't know what was said in the meeting, but it's not going to rearrange the depth chart. Whisenhunt confirmed to the Scott Van Pelt Show that Derek Anderson will start this Thursday in the team's final exhibition game.

Cardinals name Anderson starter ... for Thursday | National Football Post
Need a little more evidence that the Arizona Cardinals have already made the decision to name Derek Anderson the starting quarterback? - Rating the backup quarterbacks
While bullpens in baseball have taken on added importance with the September stretch drive about to begin, the same applies to NFL relief staffs, considering all the QB drama currently going on with another NFL regular season just around the corner.

Why Wait This Long To Turn On Matt Leinart? | Bleacher Report
After the Arizona Cardinals played their second preseason game, Matt Leinart was benched from his very short lived starting quarterback gig. In his place, they started Derek Anderson, an ex-Cleveland Brown Pro-Bowler, who has a big arm, and trouble making the correct decision.

Matt Leinart Could Be Cut By Arizona Cardinals | Bleacher Report
Is Matt Leinart's spot on the Arizona Cardinals roster ready to be replaced?

Lineup unchanged, so Anderson starts
Coach Ken Whisenhunt was less about Derek-Anderson-is-starting-the-preseason-finale and more about the-lineup-overall-did-well-last-game-so-why-change today, but still, that means Anderson will start the preseason finale, and, you know, we’ll go from there.

Is Matt Leinart done with the Cardinals?
Matt Leinart's days are numbered with the Arizona Cardinals. Why? Because the coaching staff has lost confidence in his ability to lead this team.

NFL Videos: Plays of the preseason: Week 3
Steve Breaston made the top of the list.

Cards make final three moves
The Cardinals have made their final three roster moves today to get down to the mandated 75-man limit, and none are unexpected. Fullback Nehemiah Broughton (knee) was moved to injured reserve, ending his season. Linebacker O’Brien Schofield (knee) was moved to the injured/non-football list, which basically has the same rules as the physically-unable-to-perform list — he must sit the first six games, and then the Cards have until the ninth game to decide to put him on the active roster or move him to IR. Finally, the team waived/injured wide receiver Darren Mougey, who broke his hand last week in practice. blogs - Kent Somers - KentSomers - Clearning the air
It wasn't surprising that coach Ken Whisenhunt and quarterback Matt Leinart met yesterday to clear the air between them. Monday was a strange day, with Leinart questioning the motive for his demotion as Whisenhunt started his news conference just a few feet away.

Leinart's Arizona days numbered?
Matt Leinart’s days in Arizona may be numbered.

A Practice Run Inside
Cards begin work inside Arizona State's bubble; Anderson starts Thursday

Audio: Discussing Leroy Hill, Matt Leinart - NFC West Blog - ESPN
710ESPN Seattle has posted audio from my conversation with Brock Huard and Mike Salk regarding the Seattle Seahawks' Leroy Hill and the Arizona Cardinals' Matt Leinart.

Anderson starting again, Leinart meets with coach - NFL -
Derek Anderson will start at quarterback again for Arizona when the Cardinals play Washington on Thursday night in their final preseason game.

Cardinals have started shopping Matt Leinart |
Matt Leinart's time in Arizona appears to be almost up.

NFC West position counts at 75-man limit - NFC West Blog - ESPN
All four NFC West teams have met the 75-man roster limit after the Arizona Cardinals made moves involving three players Tuesday.

Whisenhunt's Tuesday Presser

Cardinals QB Derek Anderson picked to start vs. Redskins
Derek Anderson will remain the Cardinals' starting quarterback. And it could last well beyond the team's fourth and final preseason game Thursday night against the visiting Washington Redskins.

Report: Matt Leinart On Trade Block - SB Nation Arizona
According to this report, the Arizona Cardinals have put embattled quarterback Matt Leinart on the trade block.

Deep Posts: Matt Leinart gets snippy about his demotion - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Matt Leinart's a little unhappy about being demoted to Arizona Cardinals preseason second-stringer, behind Derek Anderson. And that's a good thing -- you'd want your quarterback to be upset about something like that. What's odd, though, is that Leinart seemed to lob a vague accusation that Ken Whisenhunt made the decisions because of some off-the-field issue, as opposed to on-field performance. Hmmmm. - Birdbits
The BS Report on While talking about Jake Delhomme losing his team's confidence after a playoff loss to the Cardinals, Michael Lombardi said Matt Leinart is facing a similar issue in Arizona. "Matt Leinart has to go," Lombardi said. "Nobody in Arizona's locker room is confident that he can be the quarterback. So once you've lost the locker room, where are you going? People say 'oh, he can be a backup', for what? Nobody believes that he can play. Larry Fitzgerald doesn't want him on the field when he's in the game because he thinks he's going to get hung out to dry on a deep ball. So, it's very concerning, and I think the fans missed that.

Cardinals' Leinart may be on trading block - NFL - Sporting News
Derek Anderson will start at quarterback in the Arizona Cardinals' final exhibition game. Matt Leinart? He might be on his way out of Phoenix.

Teams in discussions about trading for Matt Leinart, sources say - ESPN
The Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants have had discussions about trading for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart, league sources tell ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Leinart is not alone in second-chance league | National Football Post
Being given up on can be the best thing that ever happens to an NFL quarterback. It certainly didn’t hurt Drew Brees. Or Kurt Warner. Or Steve Young. Brett Favre was dumped by the Falcons, told he was no longer wanted in Green Bay and given up on by the Jets before having arguably the best season of his career. The league is full of second-chance quarterbacks. Among them are Brady Quinn, Jason Campbell, Donovan McNabb, Marc Bulger, Jake Delhomme, Byron Leftwich and Michael Vick.

Eye-opener: Can Matt Leinart be a starting QB? - Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News
If you believe the reports, the Arizona Cardinals not only don't want Matt Leinart to start for them, they don't want him around period.

One way or another, Leinart looks to be done in the desert |
With each passing moment in this 24-hour, Twitter-fueled news cycle, it's becoming more and more clear that quarterback Matt Leinart's career with the Cardinals is ending.

Reports: Leinart trades explored
In news broken by Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer and now being picked up by ESPN, the Cardinals have looked into trading quarterback Matt Leinart. Not surprising, given the events of the past week or so. Not surprising that Glazer knows about it, since he hooked up with Leinart for MMA training and teams can ask him his opinion of Leinart’s work ethic. And Glazer can certainly talk to Leinart, and the reporter said on the "Dan Patrick Show" this morning Leinart wants to be able to start.

Podcast: Around the NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Amy Lawrence and I had plenty to talk about in the NFC West during our weekly conversation for ESPN AllNight.

Mailbag: Testing your personnel acumen - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Gergely from Seattle, Wash., writes: Great blog Sando! Even if it were about stats, isn't Matt Leinart's yards per reception of 8.5 too low? Wouldn't it be better if he was closer to 16 of 23 for 161 yards (instead of 121 yards), so that the average completion was going for a first down? Personally, I'd like to see him get the nod, get comfortable and hopefully start taking shots downfield, too. I just see Derek Anderson turning into Jake Delhomme for the Cards.

Al Michaels, ASU graduate and NFL icon, as good as it gets
Al Michaels understands football. He knows how to stir the pot, when to wink at gamblers and what to say when it all hits the fan. He enjoys a little danger.

Matt Leinart: 10 Reasons He Will Never Be the Next Kurt Warner | Bleacher Report
With Kurt Warner onto bigger and better things (Dancing With The Stars), the Arizona Cardinals have been left with an enormous void in their selection of quarterbacks.

Where Will Matt Leinart End Up? Nine Possible Destinations for the Cardinals QB | Bleacher Report
Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is reporting that the Arizona Cardinals are actively shopping former first round pick Matt Leinart around the league.