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Ken Whisenhunt Must Do The Just Thing And Restore Order To The Arizona Cardinals

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Last week on SB Nation Arizona I wrote a piece about how Ken Whisenhunt coaches the Cardinals like The Joker. I went as far as to call Whisenhunt an agent of chaos, like the Joker calls himself, for his strategies in the preseason. With the exhibition schedule coming to an end and the games counting come next Sunday, it's time for the Cardinals head coach to take off his Joker mask and put on his coaches hat. It's time for Whisenhunt to stop the mind games and do the just thing.

You are probably wondering what justice has to do with this. Well last night I was watching the show White Collar -- if you have seen it I highly recommend it-- and one of the characters said something that made a lot of sense when it comes to the Cardinals current situation.

"Justice is restoring order not prolonging chaos."

It's time for the coach to restore order to his locker room. The chaos of training camp, preseason and position battles are coming to and end an, for the most part, the process revealed a group of players ready to play for an old school coach like Whisenhunt.

The one exception was obviously Matt Leinart who didn't, and never really did, deal well with Whisenhunt's desire to create competition and disrupt the status quo. Leinart wanted to feel safe in his position while the coach wanted to push him. Because of this, things with the fans, the team and the media are about as unsettled as a 13 year old kid getting "the talk" from his mother (people still do that right?).

In order to move forward and focus on the task at hand, winning a third straight NFC West title, Whisenhunt has to either name Leinart the starter, something about as likely as Josh McCown being inducted in the Cardinals ring of honor, or get rid of him.

I know many of you are of the belief that Leinart hasn't been given a "fair shot" to win the job, and maybe that's true, but he's made it very clear he isn't willing to be a back up to anyone. Keeping him here only causes more distractions for the team.

Trading Leinart --which will be tough seeing as the Cardinals are basically playing poker with their cards glued to their forehead for everyone to see while negotiating with other teams-- or cutting him is the only way for Ken Whisehnhunt and Rod Graves to ensure that the chaos isn't prolonged and that order is restored to the Red Birds.

It's the just thing to do.