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Darnell Dockett extended through 2015 Season

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Here is some good news to distract all of us from the little Quarterback Battle, Pro Bowl Defensive Lineman Darnell Dockett finally got paid.

Sports 620 KTAR's John Gambardo reports that the deal is worth 47 million dollars with 31 million in guaranteed money.

Dockett has been waiting to get an extension for a few years, and he was also skipping Training Camp at times because of it. But following the extension of Pro Bowl Safety Adrian Wilson's quieter approach where he waited until the Cardinals decided to resign him, Darnell took his time and he has been rewarded because of it.

After the loss of Antrel Rolle and Karlos Dansby who moved on to different teams (Giants and Dolphins) for a big payday, which also made the two of them the highest paid players at their position (for a short time, Eric Berry's rookie contract made him the highest paid Safety, and I think that Patrick Willis got a new deal that made him the highest paid Linebacker. Correct me if I'm wrong) the Cardinals needed to keep some of their core Defensive players from jumping the ship. Dockett is the kind of player that you need to keep.

Dockett was patient, and he got the new deal he deserves. This should be a lesson to everyone else on the team that if you wait for an extension and keep on doing your job to try to make the team better, you will eventually be rewarded for it.

Dockett is also the kind of player who won't be like Albert Haynesworth and many others now that he has a new contract. He said that he is more motivated to "take his game to a new level" which is a frightening thought after how good he already is, and it will also make the job easier for Calais Campbell, Joey Porter, Adrian Wilson, Clark Haggans, and the rest of the defense.

In his career since he was drafted by the Cardinals in 2004, Dockett has 322 tackles, 26 sacks, 4 Interceptions, 8 forced fumbles, and a record tying 3 Sacks in the Super Bowl. He has also never missed a game since he became a starter.