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Thoughts On This Past Week's Events For The Arizona Cardinals

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It's certainly been an interesting string of events starting with last Thursday night's preseason finale. The Cardinals won the game and abruptly cut several players in the following days in order to reach the 53-man roster limit. One of those players was a former first round draft pick. I haven't posted my thoughts for a while and that's what SBN is all about so let's go:


  • Matt Leinart Cut - This situation ended ugly. What once was a bright future became dark in little time. I pulled for Matt through the offseason and even during his sub-par preseason performance. Although he and Ken Whisenhunt reportedly had their differences, I believe Matt should've been given a chance to start a full game. Now that he's a Texan, I have to admit that the Cardinals made the right decision. Perhaps you could say it's when you reach that point where an ex that you thought was beautiful was only average looking. So long Matt, and thanks for the memories the lost aspirations. 
  • Reggie Wells Traded - I can't say that something like this wasn't bound to happen. There was a log-jam at offensive guard and Reggie Wells had the worst 2009 performance out of the group. After a unimpressive preseason the Cardinals decided he was the odd man out. Now Deuce will resume his role while Rex Hadnot will provide the depth. It's a shame seeing a longtime Cardinal leave but it's all for the best.
  • Several Surprising Cuts - Letting go of Cody Brown, Herman Johnson, Stevie Baggs, and Anthony Becht were all big surprises to me. Obviously Cody missed his rookie season and didn't make an impact this preseason, but being a second round pick usually justifies more time with the team in my book. I think I and several Cardinals fans didn't expect Johnson to be cut. There were hopes that he could combine with Brandon Keith on the right side of the offensive line to make a massive duo. Baggs's story was warming and I was pulling for him to earn a spot. Becht is a vet and the Cardinals did what they had to do to bring him back for another year this offseason -- then they cut him. It just goes to show how much talent this team has and that the younger players were more hungry for roster spots. 
  • Marshay Green and A.J. Jefferson Make It - I wanted both of these young corners to earn a spot and that's exactly what they did. Green landed on the practice squad and I'm sure we'll see him again soon. Jefferson was a player I hoped for long before the draft, and now he's a part of the 53-man roster. 
  • Anderson Starts, Hall is the Back Up - I don't like thinking that Anderson won the starting job by default, and that's because he didn't. Leinart put up a decent preseason performance, but Anderson still won the job and is better fit to lead the Cardinals this year. A quarterback's job is almost never safe in the NFL unless your name is Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees. That's where Max Hall comes in. He went from undrafted to possibly becoming the Cardinals next quarterback. We'll just have to wait and see how he plays out. 
Those are just some of my thoughts from the past week. I'll be posting a game preview tomorrow morning.