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Darnell Dockett Is Right, I'm Not A Football "Expert" And Neither Are You

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Darnell Dockett had something to get off his chest this morning on Twitter. Then again, doesn't he always?

Today, he went on a very interesting rant about how people who haven't played football aren't "experts" and shouldn't make predictions.

I also hate men that talk about football and never played a day in there life and make predictions, and never played ONE DOWN! Half the people who make predictions never played a day in there life, they wouldn't get picked to play football in the street!

I have to agree with Dockett, in theory. The term "expert" is thrown around more often than Albert Haynesworth took and failed the condition test in training camp. Just because you are paid to write about, watch or comment on sports doesn't make you an expert (believe me, I know -- I was, and hope again to be, one of those people). They are fans with inside information. They are there to inform and entertain. Nothing more, nothing less.

The only true experts are the guys who have been in coaches meetings, who have run two-a-days and who have strapped on the helmet and competed. If you don't fit into one of those categories, I'm sorry, but you are just a very lucky fan who gets to cover the sport.

This doesn't mean that there aren't very educated and smart reporters out there providing unique and interesting information -- quite the contrary. But they aren't "experts" and very few are even insiders. Most are just guys with an entertaining perspective or a way with words who bring fans their opinions and information from the experts within the sport.

Any of these so called "experts" making predictions are doing so for entertainment purposes only and have no clue what will happen (if you have any doubt, just watch my picks in our "pickem" contest and I'll prove my theory right). They don't understand the intricacies of the game like someone who played or coached (I should know, I was the finest special teamer, kickoff tee getter and flag football coach Seton Catholic has ever seen).

So memo to the "experts": don't take yourselves too seriously. Football is about having fun, arguing about the game with your friends and, first and foremost, being a fan. That is, of course, unless you played. Then prognosticate away.

With that said, I'm predicting the Cardinals to pull off a 10-point victory against the Rams on Sunday. Sorry, Darnell, I couldn't resist. I'm no expert, and my career sub .500 record in picking games should prove it.