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Question Of The Day: What To Do About The Arizona Cardinals VS. The St. Louis Rams?

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I hope you all don't mind, but today's question is more of a personal one than one directly about the team. See, I have an issue that only you, true Cardinal fans, can understand.

This weekend, instead of being parked in my palatial -- OK, tiny -- apartment in the east valley, I'll be 3,000 miles away in Boston for my cousins wedding. At the exact time my cousin says his vows to his new bride, the team I vowed never to miss will be kicking off their season.

After cursing my cousin and trying various schemes to get out of having to attend -- like getting laid off -- I've accepted the fact that I won't be watching the game and commenting on it live like I've grown accustom to.

The only issue I now face is if I should avoid all televisions, cellphones and computers in an attempt to keep the outcome of the game a mystery until I can get to my DVR on Monday afternoon, or if I should keep up to date on the game on my cellphone at the wedding.

My fate is in your hands, faithful Revenge of the Birds readers. If you think I should be like one of those ESPN commercials where I'm constantly sneaking my phone out to grab a glimpse of the game, I will. If you think I should avoid everything and watch the game on DVR, I'll do that, too.

Thanks for the help and as always, vote in the poll and debate the topic in the comment section below.