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Who had the better game: Steve Breaston, or Adrian Wilson?

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The Cardinals had an ugly 17-13 win over the Rams to open the season, but two players stood out in a big way.

Adrian Wilson made his impact first. After a fumble by Tim Hightower and a good return by the Rams, Wilson blocked the field goal by the Rams after leaping over the Rams Field Goal team (This team is good at blocking kicks, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had one in 08 and 09, Calais Campbell had two in 09 and another one during the Preseason), he also had an incredibly athletic Interception early in the 1st half, along with a Sack where he leaped into Bradford. Then he sealed the game (although the pick that Kerry Rhodes had late in the game should have ended it, but Hightower "fumbled" after his knee hit the ground on the next play and the Refs didn't overturn it. Just like in the Bears Preseason game) by picking off Sam Bradford on the final play.

Steve Breaston had a great game too. He had 7 catches for 132 yards, and he was also making some great adjustments to balls that were a little bit off target at times. When the passing game was struggling for most of the game, Breaston brought the offense back to life be getting open and making plays. He also made one incredible play that kept the score from becoming 20-10. Derek Anderson fumbled after a sack in the 3rd quarter, and it looked like it was going to be recovered for a Touchdown, but right before the Defender got to the Endzone, Breaston swatted the ball out of his hands and the Cardinals recovered it.

They both had a great game, but I thought Wilson had a slightly better one, and he should be the Defensive player of the Week for the entire NFL.