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9-14-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

Not much in Cardinal land today, but congratulations to former Cardinal's receiver Anquan Boldin for his 7 catch, 110 yard game for the Ravens in a 10-9 win against the Jets, and former Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley who is now the Head Coach with the Chiefs for getting a 21-14 win over the Chargers. Boldin looks like he is going to be huge in Baltimore this year, and the Chiefs could surprise some people if they can get Matt Cassel to play better.

Also, ESPN showed their top 10 plays from the opening weekend of the NFL, and Steve Breaston's tackle/forced fumble wasn't on the list. Idiots...

Now, here are todays links.

Rehabbing Anderson-To-Fitz
Derek Anderson was blunt, and given the question, the answer was obvious.

Hightower must hang on
The replay seemed to show the ground caused the fumble. That’s even what Ken Whisenhunt saw, with the coach noting "I don’t believe that was a fumble." Had the call been reversed Sunday with a little more than a minute left, the Cards would have avoided some nausea in their 17-13 win. Yet Tim Hightower wasn’t thinking, "How could they not overturn that?"

Derek Anderson's Cardinals teammates truly believe in him
Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson already has something Matt Leinart never fully had: teammates who believe in him.

Arizona Cardinals strive to follow Adrian Wilson's example
Cardinals cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was being asked about the dominating performance of teammate Adrian Wilson in Sunday's win over the St. Louis Rams and he couldn't help but interrupt the question so he could answer it. "Look," Rodgers-Cromartie said, "if everybody can just raise our level to his play, we're going to be a pretty scary team to play against this year."

Breaston, Wilson help Arizona survive opener - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Penalties, errant passes and fumbles—lots of fumbles. Arizona’s first game of the post-Kurt Warner era was no thing of beauty. GMC Never Say Never
New England Patriots WR Wes Welker's return. Pittsburgh Steelers overtime victory. Arizona Cardinals WR Steve Breaston's forced fumble. These are the three finalists for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week for games played on September 9-13, the NFL announced Monday. The GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week is the best moment or play of the week that represents determination and perseverance.

Three NFC West questions for the road (air) - NFC West Blog - ESPN
ST. LOUIS -- Three questions I'll consider after boarding a plane momentarily:

Wrapping up the first game
So much ground to cover:

Whisenhunt's Monday Presser

Adrian Wilson's Legacy - Part 1 Blogs " Blog Archive Week 1 Power Rankings: Saints hold top spot "
This is a full disclosure: I’m not a power rankings guy. This ain’t the NCAA and a final champion will be crowned in a rational format. Polls don’t really matter. But, this is in my job description so here goes, again. And just because one team won in Week 1, and beat a certain team, but is now ranked behind them, doesn’t matter. My goal each week is to have ranking now that will hold up best come playoff time, when we know who is legit and which teams are not.

(Cardinals are #28?)

Arizona's Best Athletes: By the Numbers (00-33) - SB Nation Arizona
The best Arizona athletes in history as determined by the number they wore on their back. The first edition is 00-33 only but that doesn't mean there aren't some great debates.

Arizona Cardinals' Tim Hightower to focus on securing ball
When head coach Ken Whisenhunt approached him on the flight home from St. Louis on Sunday night, running back Tim Hightower knew exactly what was coming. "Yeah, we talked," Whisenhunt said, "and it was the obvious: You can't put the ball on the ground if you want to play."

This Week In Schadenfreude: Celebrating FCS Apocalypse Week -
This Week In Schadenfreude celebrates FCS apocalypse week, led by JMU taking out Virginia Tech. Also covered in agony: Notre Dame, the entire ACC, Georgia, UCLA, Colorado, and Iowa State.

Where NFC West teams rank: Week 1 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The weekly in-season rankings charts will run in a single post this season.

Cards bring back Maui’a
The Cardinals made a roster move Tuesday, bringing back — yet again — fullback Reagan Maui’a and releasing fullback Jerome Johnson, who lasted all of a week. I’m not 100 percent sure they think Maui’a will be the answer but obviously they like him better than Johnson. The Cards didn’t start with a fullback alignment in the first game — using two tight ends instead — but Johnson did get a normal amount of fullback work in this offense (one pass thrown to him was errant and didn’t connect).

Anderson gives Cardinals the good, the bad and the win
Derek Anderson was two-thirds of a classic Western film on Sunday in St. Louis. We saw the good. We saw the bad. But to Anderson’s credit, at least we didn’t see the ugly.

NFC West High Energy Player of the Week - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Receiver Steve Breaston was the difference for Arizona in Week 1, even on a day when safety Adrian Wilson became the first player in franchise history with two interceptions, a sack and a blocked field goal in one game. - Cardinals coach Whisenhunt still has faith in Derek Anderson
Ken Whisenhunt is still confident in his new quarterback after a shaky start, believing Derek Anderson will continue to gain the trust of his teammates. As the coach said, and quarterback agreed, the most important thing to come out of Sunday was a win.

Playing his Cards right
YOU can take the man out of the AFL, but you can't take the AFL out of the man. The first website that football code-swapping former Cat Ben Graham logs onto every morning is blogs - Bob McManaman - BobMcManaman - Mac on the NFL: A sloppy, low-scoring Week 1 and the overrated, underrated teams thus far
It’s only been one week into the NFL season, but early observations so far have shown it to be a sloppy, low-scoring league with lots and lots of questions. So let’s stop and take a moment and examine some of the most overrated and perhaps underrated teams in the 2010 season after Week 1.

NFL Power Rankings Week 2 - National Football League - ESPN
The New Orleans Saints are atop the Week 2 edition of's NFL Power Rankings, although it was not by unanimous decision of the latest polling of our experts.

Power Rankings: How the voters voted - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The New Orleans Saints can thank the Houston Texans for helping them reach No. 1 status in's NFL Power Rankings for Week 2.

NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: It's Still Plenty Early -- NFL FanHouse
This is not time for teams who lost in Week 1 to panic. There was a lot of bad football throughout the weekend, and we know little about who the most powerful teams in the league will be this year.

NFL Power Rankings - Top 32 NFL Football Teams - FOX Sports on MSN
The Saints have done nothing to be dethroned off the top spot. Who thought they could hold the Vikings to just nine points? I was ready to put the Jets in the second slot, but they laid an egg against the Ravens. Could we have all been sleeping on the Chiefs? It's only one week and they were at home against the Chargers, but I never saw them winning that game. You have to be very careful about making bold statements after Week 1, but there is one thing that you can hang your hat on -- there is more uncertainty than ever in the NFL -- and that's just the way the league likes it.

PFT's Week 1 rankings: Saints and Ravens are 1-2 - Sports- NBC Sports
With one week in the books, it's time to reconfigure the Power Rankings.

Week Two power rankings - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
19. Arizona Cardinals: Defense wasn't completely gutted by free agency.

NFL talks to female reporter about Jets behavior - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
After a summer in the spotlight, the Jets are under scrutiny again.

Fantasy Football, Week 1: Falling Stock - Yahoo! Sports Video
Whose fantasy stock dropped after the first weekend of the season?

Cowboys miscues, Lions-Bears controversy highlight NFL Week 1 - Peter King -
As far as opening weekends go, the NFL's 91st was boffo. Not that all the games were terrific, but we got our first games-that-count glimpse of players and teams we've been speculating about for months. We found out Wes Welker is bulletproof, Randy Moss has a mad-on, the Steeler D is back, the seat's getting warm for Eric Mangini, the Texans can beat the Colts, Chris Johnson and Arian Foster were born to run, and the Redskins need to thank Dallas for some dumb coaching decisions, including the simple act of allowing Alex Barron to play Sunday night. And, in the grand tradition of the Tuck Rule, there's the matter of a catch America thought was a catch that apparently wasn't. blogs - Dan Bickley - DanBickley - On the NFL's labor issues and instant replay
Before Sunday’s kickoff, a very strange thing happened in St. Louis. The Cardinals and Rams approached each other from opposite sidelines, and stuck a finger in the air. It was a show of union solidarity, just like we witnessed before the Monday Night game between the Saints and Vikings. Only this time, the fans booed. That’ll tell you something.

(I'd cheer for them)

Time for Cowboys to face reality about struggles - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The clock was about to hit midnight and in the back of the Dallas Cowboys locker room, owner Jerry Jones held a white towel and dabbed at the perspiration building on his face.

Reid's grand plan blows up in a hurry - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
If you are a dog lover or a Donovan McNabb hater, Sunday was a very bad day.

Jets' offense looks historically bad in opening loss - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
The points of concern were there in the preseason, when the ultra-famous New York Jets couldn't do much on the offensive side of the ball. They averaged 14.2 points per game (only the Falcons, Bears, and Panthers were worse), 277.2 yards per game (27th in the league), and 16 first downs per game (tied for 25th). But nothing could have prepared the Jets faithful for the pathetic offensive display their team put up in the season opener, a 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The best Jets pass thrown all way was probably by linebacker Bart Scott, who zinged a football at Ravens running back Ray Rice after a bunch of trash talk between the two teams.

Madden 11 Week One Ratings Change Suggestions |
It was an entertaining opening weekend to the NFL season as several games went down to the wire and some heavily hyped teams came crashing back down to earth. Last week’s roster update was primarily intended to get in the most accurate 53 man rosters possible and didn’t focus much on adjusting ratings. This first update of the regular season should see more in the way of ratings changes as the first game and preseason has established a better sense of the level players are performing at and their roles with their respective teams.

Is Mark Sanchez new Captain Checkdown? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Trent Edwards' offense outplayed Mark Sanchez's on opening weekend.

Ravens vs. Jets - Recap - September 13, 2010 - NFL - Football -
The Baltimore Ravens starred in this version of "Hard Knocks," punishing the New York Jets with plenty of them.

Chargers vs. Chiefs - Recap - September 13, 2010 - NFL - Football -
Jamaal Charles ' 56-yard touchdown run and Dexter McCluster 's team-record 94-yard punt return gave Kansas City a two-touchdown lead and the Chiefs held San Diego on four downs inside the 6-yard line in the final minute for a 21-14 victory Monday night.