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Week 1 In The Rear View

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First we'll start with our divisional games, then we'll delve into the rest of the league.

Arizona 17, St. Louis 13

Was the game ever really that close? Absolutely. We had more fumbles (7 with 4 lost ) then they had penalties (5). And speaking of penalties, we had our fair share of those as well with10. Five things can be determined from this game: 1) Fitz is no where100% yet and needs more time to sync with DA. 2) Q will be missed by most, but not because of his production (Breaston had a pretty good game), 3) Our safeties looked GREAT (although Rolle would have scored on that INT, had he been in position), 4) Bradford will be a thorn in our sides for years to come (he is fearless) and 5) can anyone not fumble the ball? Is it time to panic yet? I don't think so. Consider this a tune-up game. We did not fair well, but we won the game. D-Wash and Lenon were beasts while Komar and Stephen Williams were not. I guess the lime lights of the REAL season were too much for the two rookies. I have faith those jitters will be gone by week 2 and we will see more cohesion.

This week: Arizona @ Atlanta and St. Louis @ Oakland.

San Fransisco 6, Seatle 31

As expected the 49ers destroyed the Seahawks in week 1. Wait a minute. I guess I got that backwards. The Seahawks totally manhandled the 49ers. In an unexpected turn, Coach Singletary thanked Seatle for whipping their butts. I was expecting more of a " Can't do it! Won't do it!" type of response. Pete Carrol has seemlessly transitioned from the college game back to the pros. OK not so fast. Its just one game, but they did do us a favor by giving the eventual NFC West Champs (not my words) a black eye. Neither team gained more than 263 yards of total offense. Is that a by-product of a bad offense, a good defense or a little of both. Either way, our kinks should be worked out before we face these two.

This week: Seatle @ Denver and New Orleans @ San Fransisco

The rest of the league after the jump...

Minnesota 9, New Orleans 14

Brett Favre looked like a man who probably should have been in training camp and OTAs. He would have at least had some time withhis other receivers being that his main target is out indefinitely. Greg Williams had the Saints looking like a bunch of bullies again, picking up where they left off last year. Its one thing to physically impose your will on someone. Its another to hit them when they're down. I dub them the "Sucka Punch Saints." Its no secret they admitted on national tv that they would be putting Favre on the ground on every play even if it caused a whistle. The last part is my speculation, but it was also the sentiments of the commentators on ESPN that reported this tidbit of news. Will they continue with this, or will the league and the refs real them in?

Miami 15, Buffalo 10

I really saw Matt Leinhart (he's no longer a Card so its ok to mispell his name) going to the Bills. I honestly thought he would have had a shot to start there. This game had few bright spots. Among them were Brandon Marshall with a whopping 53 yards on 8 catches although KD did have some tackles and a sack. D-Wash is making it easy to forget about him though.

Oakland 13, Tennessee 38

Would Jason Campbell's debut be memorable? Well, yes in a way. It reminded you of all the other non-important games he had as a Redskin. Cards Fans, do you still want him here? Their defense was no better. Young and Johnson carved them up like a Thanksgiving tukey. But don't fret Raider Nation. D-Mc actually looks like a keeper, finally. At least your running game should pick up.

Cleveland 14, Tampa Bay 17

With all the changes the Browns made, they forgot to change one important thing, their losing. No matter how close a game is, you still lost. There's no moral victory in that. Its like going 0-16 while losing all games by a combined 16 points. Yeah you were competetive, or maybe the other team did just enough to not lose. In this game someone had to lose. I was surprised it wasn't the Bucs. I don't see a bright future with Raheem "the dream" Morris as their coach. Ok I'll admitt there's a little jealousy in that he is a year younger than me and is fulfilling my dream of being an nfl head coach. Even so, he still sucks.

Atlanta 9, Pitsburgh 15

The Falcons were shutdown in the run game going 25 for 58 yet gave up 31 for 143. Can we give Michael "the Burner" Turner the same trouble? Can we run with similar authority? I sure hope so. Pit should be much better when Big Ben comes back from suspension. Not much to really say about this game.

Carolina 18, New York 31

I could honestly care less about this game, but in fairness to you, the fans, I will give it an indepth analysis. The Panthers lost. And there you have it. I just can't bring myself to say anything good about Opie Manning.

Cincinnati 24, New England 38

This game was never this close. The Bengals were, in all actuality, blown out. But TO said that "coach would look into it" so that's all that needs to be said about that. Brady definitely had no effects from the accident. He said he was fine right after the collision, but those symptoms usually take a day or so to come to light. I guess he really was alright. Speaking of alright, I guess the Pats are alright with old man Taylor being their lead back. They traded their former 1st  round pick Maroney along with a 6th to the Broncos for a 4th. I thought Denver had enough RBs.

Denver 17, Jacksonville 24

The Denver Tim Tebows lost to the Jacksonville Tim Tebows (he is from Jacksonville and most fans wanted him). Which would you prefer MJD or MGD. MJD will eventually get you a lot of Fantasy points, but MGD has only 64 calories.

Indianapolis 24, Houston 34

The only reason Houston won is because of Matt Leinhart (see above on the spelling). He was the difference in the game as most of the other rosters stayed the same. Never mind the Super Bowl curse for the SB loser.  Never mind the 231 yards rushing and 3 touch downs by who (Arian Foster). Never mind the improved Texans D. Never mind Bob Sanders got injured and could be out for the year, again. Never mind the fact that Matt never even got in the game, its all about Leinhart.

Detroit 14, Chicago 19

That is a lousy rule. That's all I have to say about that.

Green Bay 27, Philadelphia 20

Could there be a quarterback controversy brewing. Kolb sucked even before leaving because of injury. Vick looked like his old self, running all over the field, throwing whenever he wanted to, killing dogs. My bad. Scratch that last one. I didn't see any dead dogs, but I did see a lame duck. Ryan Grant is done for the season.

Dallas 7, Washington 13

Both of these teams sucked. It was like watching the Cleveland Tampa game, but with less excitement.

Baltimore 10, New York 9

Sanchez should have spent more time studying and less time putting on a show for the cameras of Hard Knocks. That goes for the OC and HC as well as their offense was inept. And they lost Kris Jenkins for the year, again. But I have to say, Q looked awesome. I think I like him again. Seriously I never stopped, but his whining so irritated me.

San Diego 14, Kansas City 21

So I saw none of this game and can't really comment, but I can say this. Haley is undefeated.