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Arizona Cardinals Get Pummeled, Fall To The Atlanta Falcons 41-7

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Any hope of a quick 2-0 start to the Cardinals' season ended today at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons. The Cardinals quickly saw a close game balloon to a 34-point beating. More questions arose then answers did today. How long does Derek Anderson have before he's benched? What is wrong with the defense? Losing that bad leaves me wondering how the remainder of the season will fare. I'm not giving up yet. Below I'll give you some of my thoughts from the game:

  • Derek Anderson's leash should be very short right now. He didn't play well last week against the Rams -- sqeeking out a win. This week he continued to struggle and couldn't lead the Cardinals offense into the red zone or get one third down -- none. I won't start calling for his head just yet but I was ready to see Max Hall in the second half. The game was already out of reach and Anderson did absolutely nothing. Why not put Hall in?
  • The defense has the talent, just not he right coordinator.Bill Davis has disappointed me so far this year. His predictable play calling on third down has burned the defense and was the primary reason Matt Ryan and the Falcons' offense were so successful through the air. Davis' constant blitzing at the wrong time has killed the secondary and he's vastly underusing some of the talent on the defense. Davis is slowly turning into Clancy Pendergast 2.0.
  • Ken Whisenhunt isn't taking chances. His choice to go for a field goal at the end of the second half didn't make much sense at the time. Down 24-7, a field goal wouldn't have made much of a difference. Also add the fact that the field goal attempt was for 54-yards and Jay Feely isn't known for his leg strength. I would have much rather seen a quick pass for a first down and an attempt for the endzone.
  • Penalties have murdered the Cardinals.Twenty penalties in two games is ridiculous. Ken Whisenhunt needs to hold players accountable for committing stupid mistakes. There's really not much more I can say about them. They are drive-killers.
  • Jason Snelling Who? Most football fans with common knowledge would consider Michael Turnerout of the game a good thing. Instead, the Cardinals surrendered to his back up's back up -- Jason Snelling. Snelling played the game of his career against the Cardinals and was the primary reason they were blown out so bad.

That's all I can say right now. The only positive was Tim Hightower rebounding from his terrible week one performance. Right now this team must get their crap in order and figure out what they need to do by the time the Raiders come to town next weekend.  For now let's just hope the Broncos can continue beating the Seahawks and the 49ers lose to the Saints tomorrow night.