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9-24-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 19:  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie #29 of the Arizona Cardinals Harry Douglas #83 of the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on September 19 2010 in Atlanta Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 19: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie #29 of the Arizona Cardinals Harry Douglas #83 of the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on September 19 2010 in Atlanta Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Sorry I'm a little bit late with this, but here are some links for all of you, including some news on Beanie's knee injury being worse than we expected.... - Wolf expects physical battle between Cardinals-Raiders
KTAR's Ron Wolfley said the Cardinals game against the Oakland Raiders is going to be a "good old fashioned donnybrook". Both teams have relied heavily on their run game so far this season and this week's matchup in Arizona doesn't appear like it's going to be any different.

Cardinals' Beanie Wells reveals he had knee surgery
Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells' right knee injury was more serious than the "bruise" that it was called for the past three weeks.

Getting Defensive
Unit tries to rebound from poor Atlanta showing; Beanie should be ready

Beanie’s scope and other Friday notes
Running back Beanie Wells did have minor arthroscopic knee surgery after he was hurt Sept. 2 in the preseason finale, coach Ken Whisenhunt acknowledged Friday, but it was never anything serious, the coach insisted.

Fitz: Kurt has moved on
It’s not exactly "Larry Bird is not walking through that door." But Larry Fitzgerald understands (as should everyone, frankly) Kurt Warner is a future Hall of Famer who isn’t playing football anymore. And obviously, it affected the Cards.

Cardinals fans can stay home and watch Beanie Wells Sunday |
Up one week and down the next. Maybe the Cardinals really aren't so different without Kurt Warner. While Arizona tries to get over an embarrassing loss to the Falcons, we've got a couple of items that should make Cardinals fans smile. - Cardinals looking for identity without Warner
While Kurt Warner dances a Viennese waltz, the Arizona Cardinals struggle on without him. Warner, who retired last year after leading the once-lowly Cardinals to unprecedented success, was all smiles as he made it through the first round of ``Dancing With the Stars'' this week. - Burns: Not ready to see Hall pass
It's not that I want to be trendy, I just want to make sure I'm not missing out. So I've tried the bands Arcade Fire and The National. TV shows like Mad Men and The Wire. The book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Just give them a chance everybody says, they'll change your life. I have and they didn't.

The Shutdown Effect
Cornerbacks like Asomugha, DRC strive to lock up receivers

Bruce Gradkowski calm but eager for new start with Oakland Raiders
Bruce Gradkowski's excitement over being named starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders didn't last long. Having seen the team already make one change after only six quarters, the journeyman backup realizes there isn't much job security.

Madden 11 Roster Update #5 Details |
The fifth roster update for Madden 11 is completed and likely to arrive on Friday. The first 100 rating for this year has been granted to Randy Moss in the "Spectacular Catch" category. Ravens QB Joe Flacco falls 3 points to 84, Brett Favre falls 4 points to an 87, Panthers LB Jon Beason is inching his way to the pinnacle and now has a 98, while Jets CB Darrelle Revis lost his 99 rating by dropping a point. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jimmy Clausen and have moved into the starting QB roles for their respective teams but the QB switch was not made with the Raiders. The 0-2 Dallas Cowboys actually have more players with increases than decreases while the Dolphins end up the biggest beneficiary with 12 players receiving ratings boosts. Also of note the 0-2 49ers have 10 players increase and the 2-0 Packers see 9 players go up. Tanard Jackson of the Bucs, who has been suspended for the whole season, was not removed in this update.

Peter King's NFL Week 3 game-by-game predictions - Peter King -
Derek Anderson saves his job for a couple of weeks, but he knows Max Hall is in the bullpen, and Ken Whisenhunt won't hesitate to go to his reliever.

NFL Picks, Grades - Football's NFL staff picks against the spread on every game every Wednesday for the upcoming week's games. Picks are based not on which team actually wins the game, but covers the spread. Spreads are subject to adjustment based on unforeseen factors. As such, picks are subject to change prior to games.

Weekly expert NFL picks - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN
Weekly expert NFL picks. Weekly expert NFL picks

NFL Picks and Predictions for Week 3 - National Football League - ESPN
Check out ESPN's expert picks and predictions for Week 3 NFL pro football games.

PFT's Week Three Picks |
[Editor's note: Each week, Rosenthal and I go head to head, picking the winner of each and every game. The loser gets to cut and paste the take and picks for each game in the next pack of picks. I've now had to do it two weeks in a row; for Week Two, my ill-advised faith in the Patriots was the difference-maker, with Rosenthal taking the Jets and going 11-5, and yours truly taking the Pats and going 10-6. This week, we differ on six games -- and, yes, one of them again involves the Jets.]

Beanie’s potential workload and the defense’s meeting
RB Beanie Wells (knee) did a little more at practice today, and if he comes in Friday and "everything is good," coach Ken Whisenhunt thinks he’ll be able to play Sunday. What that means is a different story.

Whisenhunt On Beanie and Players Meeting blogs - Kent Somers - KentSomers - Say what you need to say
The Cardinals defensive players, led by linebackeer Joey Porter, met on Wednesday without coaches present. They felt like there were some issues that needed addressed after last week's 41-7 loss to the Falcons. Such meetings can be productive in moderation, coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "If you get the right things out of it, it's a good thing. I was in Washington one year (as a player) and we had players' only meetings every Saturday night. It got to be kind of like a ritual for us.

Welcome news on NFC West blackout front - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams sold enough tickets to their Week 3 home games to avoid local television blackouts Sunday. The Rams initially asked the NFL to extend by 24 hours the usual Thursday blackout deadline, but the team sold enough tickets to get its game against Washington on television in St. Louis. The Cardinals are facing the Oakland Raiders in their home opener. All 46 preseason, regular-season and postseason Cardinals games at University of Phoenix Stadium have sold enough tickets to avoid a blackout. The term "sellout" is often misleading in these cases because high-priced club seats do not count toward totals required to avoid blackouts.

Kurt Warner Charms, Stays To Dance Another Week - SB Nation Arizona
Yet again the hopes of Cardinals fans fell upon Kurt Warner, and yet again he delivered. Make you nostalgic for when he actually played football? Us, too. But instead, Kurt was dancing on a silly television show rather than leading the Cards on the gridiron.

Arizona running back Beanie Wells (knee) likely to make '10 debut vs. Raiders - NFL -
Arizona running back Beanie Wells went through much more of practice on Thursday, increasing the probability that he will play Sunday in the Cardinals' home opener against the Oakland Raiders. - Cardinals' Wilson still bumming from loss in Atlanta
The Arizona Cardinals 41-7 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, now four days ago, is still stinging for one particular Cardinal. Cardinal safety and team captain Adrian Wilson hasn't let the bad taste of the game out of his mouth.

Cardinals defense is "in the tank" |
Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett told his team's website it "felt like Precious fell on me" after playing 81 snaps against the Rams in the season opener. She didn't get off against the Falcons. (Yes, we used the quote in our weekly picks too. We liked it that much.)

Beanie Wells had a surgery no one knew about |
It's difficult to keep secrets in the NFL, but the Cardinals did a nice job hiding that running back Beanie Wells had knee surgery a few weeks back.

Throat slashing gestures are expensive |
As far as NFL fines go, making contact with an official is a pretty good value.

Quarterback stability: Some teams don't care - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
While newly retired Kurt Warner is showing off his footwork on TV’s "Dancing With The Stars," more NFL teams than usual are doing the cha-cha when it comes to their quarterbacks.

Clay Matthews can no longer be ignored; 10 things worth watching - Peter King -
3. The Larry Fitzgerald-Nnamdi Asomugha duel. Two teams fighting to stay in contention early, and the most interesting thing about the game is this scintillating matchup between two of the 20 best players in football. The shame of the current scheduling format is that a great player like Fitzgerald sees Asomugha and Darrelle Revis once every four years during the regular season. That's why this one might be worth DVRing -- and, if you're the CBS crew doing the game, putting an iso camera on the duel as much as possible. Vikings' Brett Favre is dazed and confused
Even Brett Favre admits something doesn’t feel right. Of all the 0-2 teams in the NFL right now, the Minnesota Vikings seem among the unlikeliest, which hardly seemed possible when Favre decided to return for a 20th season.

Tony Romo: Offense 'banging our heads against a wall'
All across the Metroplex, amateur offensive coordinators have lit up the phone lines of sports talk stations with their recommendations for fixing the Dallas Cowboys’ offense. Today, the quarterback of that offense spoke out on what he thought the Cowboys need to do to get out of their offensive funk: run the ball more.

Houston Texans overtake Dallas Cowboys as best in state - ESPN Dallas
He's still got the best stadium in sports. And his team's unis are pretty cool, too. He's still got the Ring of Honor and the history made by the iconic figures who've coached and played there. He's still got the star. And he's still got the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. But Jerry Jones, for the first time ever, no longer has the baddest NFL team in the state of Texas. That would be the Houston Texans.

The Big Red Rage with guest Tim Hightower
Cards RB joins the Big Red Rage with Adrian Wilson to talk about the loss at ATL and the upcoming home opener vs OAK.

First Look - The Ken Whisenhunt Show - Week 3

Final Word: NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Five nuggets of knowledge about Week 3:

Michael Vick Is The American Dream -
Michael Vick was named the starting quarterback for the Eagles this week, continuing on his path to career redemption. What does it mean? What lessons does his story offer? Let's talk about this.

Deck stacked against West in early starts? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
West Coast teams have complained about early kickoffs. The league has said there isn't evidence the early starts play a role in poor performance for teams in the West. The chart shows road records for Western teams, with early kickoffs broken out separately. I've also singled out early games against the Rams because St. Louis has proven consistently beatable at any time or place. Arizona is on Mountain time, but its clocks line up with Pacific time part of the year because Arizona does not observe daylight savings. I've included the Cardinals in the chart even though some of their 10 a.m. PT kickoffs began when it was 11 a.m. in Arizona.

Bill Simmons unloads on poor NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A guy with more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter dedicated more than 1,800 words to the NFC West. Let's just say it's a good thing there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Mailbag: Firing back at Bill Simmons - NFC West Blog - ESPN
John from Seattle writes: Sando, love the blog and usually like Bill Simmons, but on this, he's dead wrong. What division sent the NFC representative to the Super Bowl more often than any other NFC division during the decade? That's right, the West. The Rams twice, the Cards and the Hawks. You mentioned that since last season the Cards have a winning record outside the division. Please note that from 2004-2007, the Seahawks were 24-16 outside the division. That's more than respectable! All of this piling on the NFC West needs to stop. The division will be just fine. Pete Carroll is already making strides with the Hawks in his first year, and it looks like the Rams struck gold with Sam Bradford.

Sorting through $42,500 in NFL fines - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Let's sort through some of the NFL fines levied against players stemming from games involving NFC West teams in Week 2: