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Gameball Of The Week: Sebastian Janikowski

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This post is sponsored by Sprint 

This past Sunday, Sebastian Janikowski didn't just play for the Raiders. Instead, Janikowski was a part of the Cardinals victory when he missed three of Oakland's field goals, including the game-winning attempt. It shouldn't come as a surprise then, that Janikowski is awarded the Sprint Gameball of the Week. As a sponsored post that will come every other week, the gameball is given to a player, coach, unit, etc. And it doesn't neccesarily have to be the best player of the game.

Janikowski was rewarded this past offseason with a new four-year $16 million contract, making him the richest kicker in the league. It's somewhat ironic however, that he didn't play up to that status against the Cardinals in just the third game of the season. The pressures of playing on the road and attempting to win the game for the Raiders took over for Janikowski. In six attempts, only three were made. That leaves his season percentage at a mere 61.5%. It also shouldn't come as a surprise that his career average is only 77.7%.

Unfortunately for the Cardinals, not every opponents kicker can win the gameball of the week.