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9-3-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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The final preseason game is over, Derek Anderson looks like he will be the starter going into Week 1 of the season, we don't know what the hell is gonna happen with Matt Leinart (trade? cut? stay?), and the roster cuts are beginning.

Here are some links.

Cards Get Max Effort In Win
Rookie QB Hall shines in preseason-closing 20-10 win over Redskins

Redskins aftermath
The preseason is over. That’s always nice to say.

Arizona Cardinals QB decisions remain after preseason win over Washington Redskins
It was going to take a catastrophe, or at the very least a coup, for the Cardinals quarterback situation to change Thursday in the final preseason game. - Rookie QB Hall has big game against 'Skins scrubs
With the controversy swirling ahead of him on the Arizona quarterback depth chart, Max Hall wrapped up his preseason with a big night.

Matt Leinart's preseason ends quietly |
Matt Leinart's Cardinals career likely wrapped up on Thursday night during an odd, almost sad performance in Arizona's fourth preseason game. blogs - Kent Somers - KentSomers - One man's guess at the 53
One of the biggest misconceptions floated this time of year is that NFL teams trim their roster to the "final 53." There is nothing final about it. Teams have to trim from 75 to 53, but they adjust that 53 throughout the next few weeks, adding players from other teams and cutting some who were celebrating the day before.

A big but unsurprising "sit" list
The Cardinals are holding out the five players expected to be held out: WR Larry Fitzgerald (knee), WR Andre Roberts (shoulder), RB Jason Wright (toe), RB LaRod Stephens-Howling (concussion) and LB Gerald Hayes (PUP-back). news: Life without Warner leaves Cardinals lost in transition

Arizona Cardinals Preseason Win Over Washington: That's What He Said - SB Nation Arizona
Someone loves the new black uniforms and really, this was the most important out come from the game. Feel me?

Reggie Wells' trade clears way for Lutui - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Reggie Wells was the odd man out on the Arizona Cardinals' offensive line after the team signed Alan Faneca to start and Rex Hadnot for depth. Deuce Lutui's return as a restricted free agent created a stockpile.

Four quick NFC West quarterback thoughts - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Last year, the Cardinals announced their roster cuts to the 53-man limit one day before the deadline. If they hold to form this year, they'll announce 2010 reductions Friday, and those reductions could bring clarity to Matt Leinart's situation. The obvious question -- will Leinart stay or will he go? -- might be outdated. The more pertinent question might be, "When will he go?" It's just tough to see Leinart figuring into the Cardinals' plans at all based on recent events.

Matt Leinart isn't pursuing a trade |
The Cardinals and Matt Leinart continue to play a game of chicken.

Morgan: Leinart goes quietly into the Arizona night
Matt Leinart’s motivation was clear after Thursday’s preseason finale: the Cardinals quarterback couldn’t wait to get out of University of Phoenix Stadium.

Four Downs: NFC West preseason Week 4 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A couple thoughts per NFC West team heading into the final games of the 2010 NFL exhibition season:

Reggie Wells traded to Eagles
Veteran guard fetches undisclosed draft pick; Leinart still a Card

Kickoff Luncheon

Whisenhunt's Presser After 20-10 win over Redskins

Cardinals 20, Redskins 10
Highlights from Leinart: What Went Wrong in Arizona?
Last week, Matt Leinart was the starting quarterback in Arizona. Leinart’s learning curve had increased dramatically after sitting behind Kurt Warner the past three years. It was finally his turn to pick-up where Warner left off. Now, Leinart is out.

Random thoughts, observations as Arizona Cardinals prepare for season opener vs St. Louis Rams - Phoenix arizona cardinals |
The Cardinals closed out the pre-season with a 20-10 home win over the Washington Redskins Thursday night. After watching all four Cardinal contests, some things became very apparent and some other things a little "less obvious". As the team now prepares for its final cuts (teams must be at 53 players this weekend), here's a few things that caught my attention.

Leinart shows how a can't-miss NFL quarterback often does - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN
Coming into the pros, it was difficult to imagine a more impressively credentialed quarterback than Matt Leinart.

Preaseon notes on Arian Foster, Ryan Matthews, C.J. Spiller, Jahvid Best and others - Fantasy Football - ESPN
In a purely football sense, I think the Cardinals are making a mistake. Has Derek Anderson been substantially better than Leinart?

Depite Max Hall Hype He's Not Ready To Be Cardinals No. 2 QB - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Following a strong 7/9, 126 yard, 1 rushing TD performance from Max Hall last night, the question for the future of the undrafted rookie QB has seemingly shifted from "Will he make the roster?" to "Can he be the backup QB?" - Max Hall feels ready for backup role
First impressions are important---so too are last impressions.

If Leinart’s Gone, Hall’s The Best Option For No. 2 - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Look, I understand the NFL hates rookie quarterbacks. It especially hates undrafted rookie quarterbacks. It likes its quarterbacks to be drafted in the first or second round and sit for approximately three seasons behind a more proven quarterback before taking the field as a starter. But sometimes that's not in the cards. Especially if you're the 2010-2011 Arizona Cards (excruciatingly bad pun intended).

Waiting games: Leinart, Houshmandzadeh - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Two of the more polarizing figures in the NFC West find their careers in some limbo exiting the 2010 exhibition season.

Cardinals-Redskins one-liners |
Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn't know if he's comfortable winning so many preseason games. blogs - Kent Somers - KentSomers - Wrapping up the preseason
A few quick thoughts late Thursday night

Kurt Warner leaves Arizona Cardinals' Matt Leinart a final lesson
Kurt Warner is off dancing with the stars. After six hours of inaugural training, he was free of blisters but headed straight for the ice tub. Clearly, the quarterback dilemma in Arizona is somebody else's problem. But he feels for his former teammate. And on his way to conquering Hollywood, the best quarterback in Cardinals history has one final lesson for Matt Leinart, the sullen protege

Leinart and other Week 4 preseason topics - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A few thoughts and observations while watching all four NFC West teams play their final games of the 2010 exhibition season:

Report: Leinart gets permission to seek trade |
Amid rampant reports that the Cardinals are trying unsuccessfully to trade quarterback Matt Leinart, Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange reports that the Cardinals have given Leinart permission to try it himself.

One guess at the 53
It only got delayed a day or so, but, before we get to the final preseason game, I wanted to take my annual shot at how the roster will play out. Obviously, I’m not on the coaching staff. These are my guesstimates, based on what I’ve watched through camp and the preseason. And given that there are some big pieces that could be in play, in or out (Matt Leinart, Reggie Wells), so this is fluid. LB Gerald Hayes, for instance, could be put on the PUP list, which isn’t the 53-man roster and would keep him out the first six weeks.

Ken Whisenhunt plans to play Matt Leinart Thursday |
We're not sure if Matt Leinart is crazy or crazy like a fox, but it looks like he'll get at least one more chance to display his wares as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

Kurt Warner Puts On The High-Heeled Dancing Shoes - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Kurt Warner is obviously secure in his manhood, otherwise why would he agree to go on Dancing With The Stars with the likes of Jersey Shore's "The Situation" and Briston Palin who's claim to fame is being an unwed teenage mother. - E: Leinart hanging by a string
Take a minute and reflect back to your childhood all you twenty and thirty-something year olds reading this.

Anxious Times For The Bubble Boys
Game against Redskins last chance for players to show skills

Chat wrap: Did Cards drop ball on Leinart? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Dave (Columbus): Wouldn't you think AZ would have known what they had in Matt Leinart by now and not had to go through the drama they are going through? Seems like the coaching staff has dropped the ball big time on this one

Arizona Cardinals 2010 Preview - ESPN
Arizona went 10-6 with Warner running their offense. The drop from Warner to Leinart/Anderson/someone could knock down Arizona a few notches. The Cardinals should remain competitive, but the 49ers have fewer question marks.

Report: Giants have no interest in Leinart |
There was a buzzing sound coming from the Cardinals' locker room yesterday about the possibility of Matt Leinart being traded to the Giants. But there was a clicking sound on the other end of the phone when the Cardinals called the Giants to see if they wanted to do a deal.

NFL Preseason 2010: Five Lessons From Cardinals Game Against Redskins | Bleacher Report
Despite the fact that it was the final preseason game, and the Washington Redskins didn't really play any starters (including Rex Grossman, although I heard he threw a pick on the sidelines somehow), there is a lot we can glean from this game.

NFL Trade Rumors: 10 Reasons Cardinals Should Cut Ties with Matt Leinart | Bleacher Report
Matt Leinart's career with Cardinals could be coming to a close any day now after another unimpressive showing in Arizona's 20-10 preseason win over Washington Thursday.

Arizona Cardinals Defeat Washington Redskins in Preseason Finale, 20-10 | Bleacher Report
Watching the Arizona Cardinals these days is like watching a great hand of poker. Thursday was no different as the Cardinals defeated the Redskins—er at least their backups—20-10 in University of Phoenix Stadium.