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Matt Leinart Makes It Through First Cuts But Don't Expect Him To Be A Cardinal Come Sunday

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In his hit song Geek In the Pink, Jason Mraz sang the line "sometimes you gotta fit in to get in". If only Matt Leinart had an affinity for dorky, fedora wearing, guitar playing musical artists, he may be in a different position heading into Saturday's mandatory cuts.

Leinart made it through Friday's cuts but the Arizona Cardinals are still three cuts away from getting down to the required 53 man roster.

With the news that both Max Hall and John Skelton have been informed that they made the roster and the assumption that Derek Anderson is the starter, something coach Ken Whisenhunt was unwilling to confirm on Friday, it seems like a safe bet that Leinart is the odd man out (which is probably one of the few times in his life that he's been referred to as odd). Even beat writer extraordinaire Kent Somers sees it that way, telling his Twitter followers that Leinart "will not" be a member of the Cards come Sunday.

While Whisenhunt wouldn't confirm nor deny anyone's suspicions (come on though, even Mr. Magoo can see what's coming), he did have something interesting to say during his media availability Friday afternoon. He said that he was questioning whether Leinart "...can survive in the role as a No. 2 on this team. And that’s really what the decision is about.

If Leinart gets cut tomorrow, based on Whisenhunt's quote, it sounds like it will be his own fault. Like the Mraz song says, all he had to do was fit in with his teammates and his coach's wishes and he would get on the roster, and in all likelihood with Derek Anderson as the starter, get into a game.

If Leinart listened to Mraz's song he would have known the next line and the impact it could have had on his career with the Cardinals. "But don't ever quit cause soon I'm gonna let you in."

Which is exactly what Whisenhunt would have done.