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Arizona Cardinals Question Of The Day: Marc Bulger For Quarterback In 2011?

Quick question for everyone, would you like to see Marc Bulger as the starting Quarterback next season? I think that out of all the guys out there now (such as Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb, etc), Bulger is the guy who can be picked up for the lowest cost, and at this time I'd rather save some of the draft picks that the Cardinals would have to trade for Orton or Kolb to fill in some of the holes on this team like Offensive Line or Outside Linebacker.

Looking at Bulger, he has some of the same qualities that Kurt Warner had. He has a good arm, he is accurate, and he gets the ball out of his hands quickly. But he hasn't had a good season since 2006 when the Rams began their collapse after all of the injuries and overall decline in talent some of their star players had. But in those first five seasons before the Rams imploded, he was a guy who played very well. And like Kurt Warner, now that he is backing up Joe Flacco in Baltimore he has been given a year off to heal up after the beating that he took running the Mike Martz offense and the last couple of years where he was operating behind a poor offensive line that was just getting him killed.

I don't see Bulger reviving his career like Warner did here, but I see him as a guy who can do a lot of the same things that Warner did well with the Cardinals, and he can at least be productive for a couple of years while the Cardinals work on finding their franchise quarterback. I also think that just getting decent Quarterback play will be enough to win the NFC West seeing how the Seahawks got in at 7-9 this year, and Bulger should at least be able to provide that on an offense that will give him plenty of weapons to work with.

So, what do you think? Do you think Bulger will be a good fit or not? Do you think signing him would make Larry Fitzgerald happy? Could we win the NFC West with him?