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Cardinals End Their Season With a Thud, Lose 38-7 To The 49ers

This was sad. The Cardinals had a chance to end their season on a high note with a win over the hated rival 49ers, instead they end the year at 5-11 which also places them at last place in the NFC West, which is regularly called one of the worst Divisions in professional sports. We got to see all of the ugliness today that you have seen in previous blowouts the Cardinals have played in. Mostly, bad defense, and bad offense (mainly QB play). It is amazing that this was a 10-7 game at halftime, and the Defense actually had a solid game in the first half. It was after that when the meltdown began. At least this awful year has finally ended, after a 3-2 start that included an upset win over the New Orleans Saints with Max Hall as the Quarterback the Cardinals went 2-9 in their final 11 games, including a seven game losing streak. And now, on to the small list of positives, and the long list of negatives.


Larry Fitzgerald continued to give it his all. He had 11 Catches for 125 Yards and a Touchdown, which gives him 90 Catches for 1,137 Yards (he had 1,092 Yards last year with Kurt Warner) and 6 Touchdowns. It is amazing that he could still be this productive when you consider the knee injury he suffered during the Preseason, and the Cardinals going through five Quarterbacks this season (Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson, Max Hall, John Skelton, and finally Richard Bartel). Fitz is truly one of the best Wide Receivers in the NFL, and this season proves it.

At halftime, the score was 10-7 with the 49ers having the lead. The Defense played well, but the Offense wasn't that great. The first half at least had some optimism.

Darnell Dockett and O'Brien Schofield each had a sack.

The Season is over, and the Cardinals will have the 5th pick in the Draft.


After a good first half, the 49ers went off on the Cardinals, Alex Smith threw a bomb to Vernon Davis that went for a Touchdown when nobody could tackle him, Brian Westbrook's Fountain of Youth appears to be the Cardinals Defense because he gashed it this season, and Bartel threw a Pick 6 late in the 4th Quarter.

John Skelton had a poor game, his completion percentage was the highest it has been for him all year (56%), but he was only 14 of 25 for 92 yards along with a Touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald and a Pick (albeit one from a pass that was batted into the air by a Defensive Lineman, not really his fault). Richard Bartel played for the 4th Quarter and he went 16 of 28 for 150 Yards and a Pick (that was returned for a Touchdown), which isn't too bad considering that it is the first time he has ever played in the regular season. But he showed why he was nothing more than a backup in the UFL. He made a couple of big throws, and he made a nice play to escape a sack, but he was also horrible inside the Red Zone, and he showed the same tenancy that Derek Anderson has to throw passes harder and higher in the air than they should be.

The Cardinals were 9 of 20 on 3rd Down, but most of those conversions came late in the game.

The Cardinals were 1-3 in the Redzone (their only score was on the Skelton Touchdown)

The Cardinals finished their year 5-11, and they have been swept by the 49ers for the second year in a row. Truly a disgusting end to a disgusting year. The Cardinals also need to get a big upgrade at the Quarterback position if they want to have any hope at doing anything next season, because if they don't there will just be another 5-11 season filled with nothing but disappointments.


If there is anything you want to talk about, or if you think there is something else I should have mentioned, post it in the comments section.

Final - 1.2.2011 1 2 3 4 Total
Arizona Cardinals 0 7 0 0 7
San Francisco 49ers 7 3 21 7 38

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