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Sunday Evening Bloody Mary: Super Bowl On The Way

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Championship Sunday has come and gone, pitting the two winners against each other in two weeks to decide who the world champions will be. Both games proved to be close contests, with the losers threatening to come back late in the game. In the end, the best teams from each conference were the victors.

The Packers and Bears contest began the day as the oldest rivalry in league history. Aaron Rodgers did everything he could in the first half of the game when he ran the game's opening touchdown across the end zone line. The headline of the game would later be the absence of Jay Cutler in the second half. A questionable knee injury sidelined Cutler, who did little even in the first half. Be that as it may, the fans wanted their quarterback playing behind center. In place of Cutler was veteran Todd Collins, who did absolutely nothing in two drives. He was replaced by third string quarterback Caleb Hanie. Although he threw a pick-six to B.J. Raji in the fourth quarter, Hanie played his heart out and lead the offense on two scoring drives. In the end, it was the Packers' defense that held off the comeback and forced the Packers into the Super Bowl for the first time in 12 years.

In the day's second contest, the Steelers and Jets played each other for the second time this season. Although the Jet's previously defeated the Steelers in PIttsburgh, they appeared a different team in the first half when they trailed 24-3. The game flip-flopped in the second half as the Jets stormed back to put the game within five points after a fortunate safety. Unfortunately for them, this isn't Ben Roethlisberger's first rodeo. Big Ben converted a late third down as he scrambled out of the pocket and connected with receiver Antonio Brown. Now the Steelers are headed to their third Super Bowl in six seasons.

The big game that takes place in two weeks is sure to be a barn-burner. The Packers big-play offense against the Steelers shutdown defense will fill the headlines thoroughly. The Steelers are clearly the more experienced team in the Super Bowl, but hopefully the NFC gets the trophy this time around.