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ROTB Community Poll: Do You Want Carson Palmer In A Cardinals Uniform?

The recent Carson Palmer-to-the-NFC-West-talk got me thinking what the Revenge of the Birds community thought about the subject. In case you missed it, several sources reported that Palmer wanted a trade out of Cincinnati or he would contemplate retirement after growing financially secure throughout his career. It's no shocker that Palmer wants out. The Bengals finished this past season with four wins and have surrounded Palmer with diva-like wide receivers throughout his career.

Palmer's agent David Dunn confirmed the report:

Carson met with Bengals owner Mike Brown recently. Because of the lack of success that Carson and the Bengals have experienced together, Carson strongly feels that a separation between him and the Bengals would be in the best interest of both parties.

Originally the first overall pick in 2003, Palmer has lead the Bengals to just two playoff appearances -- losing both. Despite the lack of success, he boasts a career quarterback rating of 86.9, completion rating of 62.9%, and a 154/100 TD/INT ratio. Numerous reports list the NFC West as Palmer's likely destination, with the 49ers, Seahawks, and Cardinals all in dire need for an upgrade to the quarterback position.

Passing Rushing Sacks
G Rating Comp Att Pct Yds Y/G Y/A TD INT Rush Yds Y/G Avg TD Sack YdsL
2010 - Carson Palmer 16 82.4 362 586 61.8 3970 248.1 6.8 26 20 32 50 3.1 1.6 0 26 201

Out of the three, the Cardinals hold an advantage over the others with All Pro wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The 31-year old quarterback would have the benefit of throwing the ball to the best receiver in the league in one of the best stadiums. Despite the enticing idea of Palmer in a Cardinals uniform, Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. listed his thoughts on the for Heisman Trophy winner:

That[Bengals] organization is dysfunctional. But in the end, he doesn’t throw the ball as well as he has in the past. I am pretty comfortable with the evaluation of the guy that he is more the problem than the answer. His decision making was bad. If there was a stat for near-interceptions or dropped interceptions, he would have been near the top of the league this year. He had a ton of them.

As of now these ideas are a mere water cooler discussion since Bengals' owner Mike Brown dismissed Palmer's request. But should the Cardinals make an offer they can't refuse, would you approve?