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1-29-11: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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Is there any way Andrew can get this picture on the Sidebar?

Clearing up this and that
Here on a quiet Friday now that we know there won’t be a new defensive coordinator for at least another week, it seems like a good time to quickly touch on a couple of subjects that — given the deadness of this time of year with the Cards — seem to have inexplicably taken stronger root than they should.

Schefter talks Cards offseason options -
ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter joined Sports 620 KTAR's Gambo and Ash Friday to discuss the Cardinals defensive coordinator and quarterback search this offseason.

Early NFC West mock draft comparison - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Mock drafts have become useful more for the discussions they promote than for how many picks wind up matching actual draft results. Let's face it, there's no way to know for sure which direction a given draft will head. The chart breaks out NFC West picks from two recent mocks.

Rams' 2010 draft grade improves most - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The St. Louis Rams were the big winners from the NFC West when Mel Kiper Jr. updated the draft-day grades he handed out in 2010.

Tempers flare in Phoenix Suns' 88-71 win against Boston Celtics
A year ago Friday night, the Suns had lost 18 of their past 30 games, Amar'e Stoudemire's effort was being questioned by teammates and Jason Richardson had gone colder than the San Francisco Peaks' wind. Then the Suns did something drastically different for a night (sitting Stoudemire and Richardson for the fourth quarter in a win vs. Dallas) and the rest of the season (a 28-7 close).

Fitz Checks in From Pro Bowl
Fitz Checks in From Pro Bowl

NFL players join anti-porn crusade on "National Porn Sunday" | ProFootballTalk
February 6 is Super Bowl Sunday, but to a few NFL players it’s also National Porn Sunday. That might sound like a day when players who aren’t in the big game will take their mind off football by watching a lot of porn, but it’s actually an anti-pornography event taking place near Dallas, sponsored by an organization called XXX Church.

The Senior Bowl practice week All-Stars: North Team Edition - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
After five days of practice leading up the Senior Bowl game, most of the coaches and media are gone, and it's time for the players to put their game faces on one more time at the NCAA level. The players listed below are not rated for their collegiate performances or how we think they'll do in the actual Senior Bowl game; there are the guys who looked best to us through the practice week. Of course, we'll have a full Senior Bowl recap as part of Yahoo! Sports' draft coverage. Here are our practice standouts for the North team, the South team is soon to follow.

2010 Cowboys season the "worst" in Jones era | ProFootballTalk
Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989. During his first year of owning the team, the Cowboys lost 15 of 16 games. But 1989 wasn’t the low point. In the opinion of executive V.P. Stephen Jones, 2010 was.

What Jay Cutler should have done - Chicago Sun-Times
What was Jay Cutler thinking?

Passionate Madden defends Cutler’s toughness, demeanor | ProFootballTalk
Hall of Fame coach John Madden recently joined Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of Sirius NFL Radio to discuss the hottest issue of the week — the injury to Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, whether he could have played with the injury, and whether his demeanor suggested that he cared about the fact that he was missing the second half of the biggest game of his life.