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Sunday Evening Bloody Mary: The Calm Before The...Storm?

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The week before the Super Bowl is usually filled with countless stories and the ever-exciting NFL Pro Bowl. That portion is over as the NFC defeated the AFC 55-41 this past Sunday afternoon. Now "media day" will take place this week as the two teams entering the Super Bowl will be asked dozens of the same questions by week's end.

My feelings on the week leading up to the Super Bowl are about the hype. The media will do whatever it takes to make the match up watchable -- and justifiably so. The NFL Super Bowl is watched by millions of people every year and a lot of them aren't even fans of the sport. The league has done a fantastic job selling their product year in and year out.

This year the classic story of David and Goliath will captivate everyone. The Pittsburgh Steelersare chasing their franchise's seventh Super Bowl ring with a team that has already seen two Super Bowls -- including one over our beloved Cardinals. The Green Bay Packers are the underdogs with many starters watching this game on the injured reserve. What we hear this week will intrigue us, but also suck us into the light of the big game. Sometimes it's just the experience alone that makes this game worth watching.