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1-5-11: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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Time for some links, also does anyone who watched the Sugar Bowl have any thoughts about how Ryan Mallet played? I thought he looked good until the final minute where he threw a Pick while he was under pressure inside the Ohio State 20 yard line after Arky blocked a Punt. His accuracy seemed okay, but it seemed like he wasn't very good throwing when he was under pressure. Overall, he looked good against a good Defense.

Contingency Plans
Players head into the unknown of offseason without new CBA

Auburn's Cam Newton represents a bright future for some lucky NFL city
For some lucky sports town, Cam Newton is the future. Wish he could be ours. The Auburn quarterback is tall, handsome and a freak on the football field. He has a million-dollar smile and a playful attitude. And as he walked off the practice field at Scottsdale Community College on Tuesday afternoon, he looked for the perfect spot to conduct his first interview in Arizona.

(Bickley has a serious man crush on this guy. Turk and J.D. from Scrubs style man crush) blogs - Bruce Cooper Blog - BruceCooper - Tick... tick... tick... Cardinals are on the clock
The time has come for the Cardinals to look themselves straight in the mirror and identify their mistakes. They then need to draw up a plan to correct the mistakes while understanding where their biggest needs lie and how they can best address them. And I don't mind offering my opinions and help:

Ken Whisenhunt Facing Critical Juncture With NFL Offseason And 2011 Draft - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt had some strong words in his weekly press conference, this one being the final one of the season. It probably could be summed up in one quote referring to players achieving less than their potential: "Their goodwill is all used up." With the 2011 NFL Draft, free agency, and a possible work stoppage looming, he has some important decisions to make. However, it is hard to determine how much he is including himself in his criticisms.

Matt Leinart says he’s ready to be a starter | ProFootballTalk
After a season where Matt Leinart was cut in favor of Derek Anderson and sat on the bench behind Dan Orlovsky (and Matt Schaub), Leinart believes he’s ready to take the next step in his career.

Arizona Cardinals 2010 Season in Review: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly | Bleacher Report
For the Arizona Cardinals, it's all over—as they say—but the crying. As their season came to an end, the Cardinals began a new year in the worst possible way, losing 38-7 to the San Francisco 49ers. The loss, their 11th of the season, marked the end of a tumultuous season marred by inconsistency, underachievement and disappointment.

Arizona QB Woes Continue: Who Will Get the Snaps for the Cardinals Next Season? | Bleacher Report
The Arizona Cardinals had another pitiful performance against the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday, losing the game 38-7 and finally putting an end to their dreadful 5-11 season. The rookie quarterback John Skelton started the game and completed 14 of his 25 passes for 92 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. These stats don’t sound all that bad, but take a deeper look and you will be just as disappointed as I was.

Phoenix Coyotes defeat Columbus Blue Jackets
For the Coyotes, nearing the halfway point in a season in which they are still trying to forge a consistent identity, their biggest game always is the next one.

McClintock's Cameron Forte sets record with 60 points
Tempe McClintock senior swingman Cameron Forte set a Class 4A basketball scoring record with 60 points Tuesday night in a 96-42 rout at Queen Creek Combs. Forte scored 17 of his points in the opening quarter, when he played only three minutes after getting two fouls. Forte, who played most of the final quarter, made 26 of 36 two-point field goals, one of three 3-pointers and five of 10 free throws. - Wolf: No apology necessary from Wilson
Adrian Wilson is going to his fourth Pro Bowl. Most people say he shouldn't be going to Hawaii this year. They say he didn't earn it. They say he had a bad year. And let the record show that Mr. Wilson agrees with them. But he won't apologize. A player that is Pro Bowl worthy typically suffers from a Pro Bowl lag that seems to be law, an axiom for those receiving Pro Bowl consideration: you typically go a year later than you should and hang on a year longer than you should. No need for apologies here, AW.

Warner on Favre: 'He definitely hurt his legacy' - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Kurt Warner doesn't think highly of Brett Favre's final few years in the NFL. In an interview with the NFL Network, the recently retired quarterback said it will be tough to remember Favre's heyday after his antics during the past few seasons:

Marvin Lewis to return to Cincinnati Bengals for another season - ESPN
Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has re-signed as head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, the team announced Tuesday.

Even The ESPN Announcers Were Tired Of Watching That Orange Bowl
ESPN3's online feed does away with commercials entirely, leaving dead silence in their place. Except sometimes they forget to cut the announcers' mics, leading to awkward exchanges like last night's between Jaws, Gruden and Tirico.

John Elway back in saddle as the czar of Denver Broncos - ESPN
Hall of Famer John Elway has been summoned by the Denver Broncos for one more comeback.

Tom Cable won't return as Oakland Raiders' head coach - ESPN
The Oakland Raiders have told coach Tom Cable they are not picking up his option to bring him back next season.

Marvin Lewis of Cincinnati Bengals: 'No question' Carson Palmer his QB - ESPN
Marvin Lewis is returning next season as the Cincinnati Bengals' coach and he made it clear Wednesday in an ESPN Radio interview that Carson Palmer will be his starting quarterback in 2011.

Tucker Carlson doesn't actually think Vick should be executed - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
The FOX News analyst said he got too emotional when he said last week that Michael Vick(notes) should have been executed for torturing and murdering dogs. Oh, you think so, doctor?

Ricky Williams has had enough of the Tony Sparano experience - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Ricky Williams' long and weird tenure as a Miami Dolphin has evidently come to an end. Monday night, Williams got honest with WQAM-560 in Miami, with his most stinging criticism revolving around the team's season-ending 38-7 loss to the Patriots.

Brandon Marshall continues to bag on Chad Henne, coaches | ProFootballTalk
While Dolphins coach Tony Sparano twists in the wind, his players continue to take shots at his staff and each other in the media.

Ricky Williams tees off on the Dolphins, Sparano | ProFootballTalk
He arrived in 2002, he retired in 2004, he was suspended in 2006, and now he’s leaving in 2011. Running back Ricky Williams made clear on Monday that his time with the Dolphins has ended.