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ROTB Poll: The Future

One thing I'd like to get going this offseason is a community poll regarding all things Cardinals. This week's poll is regarding the future in Arizona.

Things didn't go the Arizona Cardinals' way in 2010. The fans wanted more after two glorious offseasons behind the arm of Kurt Warner. They were licking their chops at a third NFC West division title. After the Seattle Seahawks won the division last Sunday following their 7-9 record, some pain from this season may never go away.

To think that the Cardinals only needed an 8-8 a record to win the West is a punch straight to the gut. Even in a season filled with agony, it remained entirely possible to win the division and host another playoff game. When crap hit the fan midway through the season -- the Cardinals still had a chance. As sickening as that sounds, the Cardinals and their fans are on the outside looking in for this year's playoffs.

There's no argument that the Cardinals don't deserve to be in this position, but there are plenty of ifs, ands, or buts that swirl throughout fan's heads. With the Cardinals sights set on a fifth overall pick, the future is all there is to look forward to.

Ken Whisenhunt, who did the impossible by leading these Cardinals to three straight .500 seasons and a Super Bowl appearance, has the difficult task at hand at fixing a sinking ship. He vaguely expressed some offseason plans that consisted of the idea at cleaning house if the players won't get the job done. Many people are with the 'Whiz' and are ready for immediate change.

This offseason it all starts with the quarterback position. Derek Anderson will likely see the writing on the wall when the team relieves him of his duties. That still leaves two young quarterbacks coming off a season filled with yawns. Beyond the quarterback stands the offensive line. The trio of Levi Brown, Jeremy Bridges, and Brandon Keith give the Cardinals experienced youth at tackle. It's the interior that may need the makeover. Alan Faneca is at the end of his amazing career. Lyle Sendlein, while dependable, is no mauler and is a bit undersized.

On defense, the Cardinals desperately need a pass rusher that can wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks. The obvious solution is to switch to the 4-3 defense, move Darnell Dockett back to defensive tackle with Dan Williams, and pick up a defensive end that can compliment Calais Campbell. The starting linebackers would likely be Daryl Washington, Paris Lenon, and Gerald Hayes. Everyone already knows that the secondary is only lacking depth at cornerback.

The Arizona Cardinals have several pieces aligned in place through their team. With youth evenly spread out and several stars-in-the-making, they are a few drastic changes away from another playoff appearance. Can it be done in just one offseason? I'll leave that up to you.