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Almost Entire Offensive Line Rated Among Worst Pass Blockers

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As we watch the Arizona Cardinals play, it has been so woefully obvious that the offensive line has had its struggles, especially in pass protection. However, now we can see grades that put almost the entire starting unit near the bottom of the pack. Pro Football Focus gave its pass block efficiency ratings and, take it how you want depending on what you think of the site's rating and grading system, SURPRISE, the Cardinals struggle in pass protection.

Levi Brown, Brandon Keith, Daryn Colledge and Lyle Sendlein were all involved. The one who was not? Rex Hadnot.

As a team, the Cardinals rank 29th in pass blocking efficiency at 81.5 percent. Essentially, over 18 percent of the time Kevin Kolb drops back to pass there is some pressure allowed, whether it be a "pressure", a sack or getting Kolb hit.

The individual linemen have issues here. Both tackles -- Levi Brown and Brandon Keith -- allow pressure just over 10 percent of the time. Brown's efficiency is 89.9 percent, which is the third worst among starting left tackles. Keith ranks 27th among the 32 starting right tackles. His efficiency is 89.4.

Of the starting guards in the league, Daryn Colledge finds himself near the bottom with 95 percent efficiency, or allowing pressure five percent of the time. 

Center Lyle Sendlein has the second worst efficiency rating in pass blocking among centers at 95.7 percent. 

Rex Hadnot is not on the list, but almost is in the top 10 with a 98.2 percent efficiency. He has only allowed two pressures. What is interesting is that he was the one guy who had the uncertain starting job. With ratings like this, it will make it hard for Deuce Lutui to get any chance of playing because Hadnot has been solid. 

The struggles of Brown and Keith we know very well. But I found Colledge being among the worst as interesting to say the list. His reputation was that of being solid in pass protection but bad in run blocking. This year so far is the opposite. PFF's grades have him at a +3.0 in run blocking and -1.7 in pass blocking. 

In fact, run blocking is supposed be the strength of both Brown and Keith. However, the Cardinals only average 1.8 YPC when running over around Brown and 2.0 YPC around Keith. The Cards run the ball best between Colledge and Sendlein, where they have averaged 9.2 YPC. 

The one factor that has not been mentioned is the fact that Kevin Kolb still is in an adjustment mode in trying to jell with his O-line. 

I'm not sure if there is much more to say, but if the Cardinals are to have any success this year, they will need to improve to be able to give Kolb time to throw the ball.